You Can save Money Quickly with a New Bank Loan instead of Merchant Cash Advance

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You need $50,000 for your business. You have several choices: merchant cash advance, lease or loan.

How much does each option cost you?

What would you want to pay for the use of $50,000? Here are the numbers: daily Advance payment of $445 daily, a lease payment of $1,062 monthly or a loan payment of $580 monthly? There's not much of a decision here.

Cash Flow is king.

A new SBA guaranteed bank loan program available to franchisees at 6-7% interest over 10 years and is less expensive with longer terms than equipment leasing for acquiring new equipment or fixtures or a MCA for either equipment or working capital.

The result is cheaper money.

In addition to this fresh money many franchisees will also qualify for re-writing older more expensive debt such as equipment leases, credit cards and merchant advances into lower cost and greater terms.

The loan is available to any franchisee that has been in business for over 2 years and meets reasonable credit criteria that most will meet.

By utilizing new online technology a franchisee may get pre-qualified in 5 minutes, pre-approved in 30-60 minutes and funded in as short as ten days.

Call me, Bob Shaw, at 734-929-3800 to discuss your options.

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