You want to Talk to more of those Qualified Leads You just Bought?

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What I want to know this: If talking to qualified leads is so important, then why are your franchise sale people failing at the basics of qualifying?

Few, if any franchisors that we mystery shop for, get the basics right. And, so as a consequence, their sales team doesn't talk to enough qualified leads & you have wasted the brand's marketing dollars.

Instead of executing the basics, franchise sales teams, confused by a false understanding of "speed to lead", use their CRM to try to set telephone appointments, uselessly offering up their calendar as an incentive.

Your automated & automatic email says to your prospect that a machine is in charge. And the machine is a carnival barker yelling "Buy My Franchise." Who's is gonna buy their franchise from such a process?

Do this instead and try it for a couple of months. You will get better results. We guarantee it.

  1. Ditch the inquiry auto-reply email. It is a wasted message that does not advance your prospect's interest in your franchise.
  2. Set up your website form to give an immediate inquiry success confirmation while they are on your website. You could even point them to your franchise testimonial page to read how other people have succeeded with your brand.
  3. Then, use their email address to find out more about them and their social media presence. You need to learn more about how to do this with LinkedIn. This qualifying process could take a couple of days.

But, forget sending emails that demand people fill out your franchise application, just so that they can talk to you.

Would you send your important & confidential financial information to someone you have not spoken with and developed at least a basic level of trust? I thought not.

It is too hard to fill out a form while using a smartphone to access the form.

Finally, develop a short early stage lead phone/text message designed to provoke their curiosity, some thing like:

"Hi, it's Joe. I have the franchise information you wanted. Call/text me back."

Don't overthink this process.

Get good at phone qualifying people when you talk with them. No need for them to fill out a lengthy application online.

You will talk with more qualified leads, which will happen if you follow these suggestions.

1. Send Joe an Email to Learn More Qualifying by Phone ... Or phone me, call 502 396 9204

2. Join the LinkedIn community at Franchise Prospecting for more conversations on franchise sales techniques with other franchise sales professionals.

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