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Advance Credit Funding makes it easy for businesses to obtain a BANK loan from $5,000 to $350,000.

While the normal BANK process can take months to complete, our process enables businesses to prequalify in 5 minutes, get pre-approved in 30 minutes, and receive funds as fast as 7 days after the application is complete, though timing depends on the size of loan.

If you're interested in $151,000 - $350,000, contact us directly and our loan consultants will guide you through the process.

Information Needed to Apply

A variety of information and documents are needed to complete the application process and are summarized below.

The documentation required varies depending on the size of your loan request. In general, larger loans require more documentation.

The good news is once you have created an account, you can stop and start the application process whenever you want and your information will be saved.

Personal Information:

  • Names of owners and ownership percentages

  • Contact details

  • Birthdate

  • Social security number

  • Valid driver's license or passport information

  • Personal financial information

  • Past tax returns

  • Personal credit report

Business Information

  • Business name and contact details

  • Type of business

  • Date of inception

  • Tax identification number

  • Management team information

  • Business financial information

  • Formation and other business documentation

  • Past tax returns

  • Business credit report

Advance Credit Funding BANK Loan Snapshot

Loan size

$5,000 to $350,000.

Interest rate

6% (prime rate* plus 2.75%) for loans $50,000 - $350,000.

7% (prime rate* plus 3.75%) for loans $26,000 - $49,000.

8% (prime rate* plus 4.75%) for loans $5,000 - $25,000.


10 years with no pre-payment penalty.


Monthly payments, debited from business checking account.


No collateral for loans $25,000 or less.

Lien on fixed business assets for loans $26,000 or more.

Loans $151,000 - $350,000 must be fully collateralized.

Personal guarantee required.


Apply in minutes; loans fund as fast as 7 days after the application is complete, though timing depends on the size of loan.


Referral and packaging fees: 4% of the loan amount.

Guarantee fee (paid to the BANK): zero for loans $150,000 and less; 2.25% of the loan amount for loans $151,000 and higher.

Estimated closing costs: $317 for loans $26,000 or more; $23 for loans $25,000 or less. Closing costs include standard bank fees, additional 3rd party report charges may apply.

Typical businesses

In business 24 months or longer.

Product, service, manufacturing, retail, medical, contractor, among many others.

$50,000 to $5,000,000 in annual revenue with cash flows to support loan payment.

1 to 20 employees.

Use of proceeds

$5,000 - $25,000 loans can be used for working capital (such as marketing, hiring, purchasing equipment, inventory, etc.).

$26,000 - $150,000 loans can be used for working capital and to refinance existing business debt not secured by real estate (such as cash advances, business credit cards, and equipment leases).

$151,000 - $250,000 loans can be used for working capital, to refinance all existing business debt including debt secured by real estate, to purchase real estate, and for business acquisition (businesses must occupy 51% of the premises if loan used for real estate refinance or purchase).

$251,000 - $350,000 loans can be used for working capital, to refinance existing business debt not secured by real estate, and for business acquisition.

* The prime rate is currently 3.25% and varies over time.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please fill out this quick application for more details. Thanks.

You can also contact me, Bob Sha, directly on LinkedIn.

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