How Effective are Your Email Campaigns?

Converting those prospects into franchise sales appointments? Or could you use some help?

New templates, perhaps?

"Our own sales teams at LinkedIn swear by these: five core templates to suit different prospects, different situations, and different stages of the buyer journey"


Personally, although I love LinkedIn's platform, I have serious doubts that I would ever respond to this type email, favourably respond.

I am more likely to swear at it, and not by it.

"Lost for words? Here's your starting template for inspiration:

Subject line:

[Prospect Name], Jessie recommended I reach out

Blah, blah and who cares what the message is. Because, in my experience, these types of messages never end well -- for me.


And sure enough, if morbid curiousity drove me on, I find the following "offer", which is to do someone's homework for free.


Hi [Prospect Name],

Our mutual connection, [connection name], and I were talking recently about [hot topic]. She said you were an expert on this issue.

I'm writing an article about [hot topic] because it's relevant, timely, yet confusing to many of my customers. Can I include your perspective, [Prospect Name]?

Regards, [Your Name]

Sure, here is my perspective: Read and quote any of the 18 articles I have written on the topic. And no, I don't want coffee.


(Note to self: disconnect from "Jessie" as soon as possible.)

So, if not LinkedIn templates, what is the powerful sales too you might be missing out on? Conversational talk -- because you would never use any of these words, or the sentences, in this template when talking face to face. So, don't use them in an email. You are welcome, no coffee required.

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Here are (3) dangers lurking with the delivery apps.

1. Traffic mismatch. The guest can use your brand's app or a 3rd party delivery app. If the latter, your brand has to pay a commission.

2. The delivery app is going send your customers to a nearby competitor, if they can make a food delivery sale.

3. When something goes wrong with the order, your brand will be blamed -- even if you aren't responsible for the delivery.

uber eats.jpg

What are the alternatives?

1. "Jimmy John's is satisfying customers one sandwich at a time -- but what if you don't live in one of chain's highly coveted zones?

Well, the sandwich maker might just buy you a house.

Jimmy John's announced its "Home in the Zone" contest this week, a first-of-its kind competition where a deserving superfan will win a new home within one of Jimmy John's famous five-minute delivery zones."

2. Panera is accessing new customers from the aggregators, but not using their delivery service.

"We're open to it now because it's additive and, very importantly, the customer experience is protected.

There's a standard of quality that we believe in, and the economics work for us and very importantly, for our franchisees, which a lot of these models don't," Wegiel says.

He says delivery companies told Panera it was one of the top search brands on their sites. Panera was only willing to partner up, however, if aggregators agreed to some conditions.

The company wanted to ensure a deal would add incremental volume instead of cannibalizing what it had already built, which was confirmed through testing."

3. Domino's, the acknowledged leader in pizza delivery, says: "Despite the pressure, Dominoʼs is not planning to partner with a delivery site.

Allison said that he doesnʼt think partnering with third-party platforms creates incremental sales, and that those platforms will end up hurting restaurant profits."

For more, see the discussion on LinkedIn, below.

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Climate Change ==> Green Restaurants are In.

With your guests looking for any different reason to keep coming back, do you think getting a Green Certificate helps?


Arooga's certainly thinks so. What about you?

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Tim Horton's was one of the most popular brands in Canada, even a few short years ago.

It has fallen out of favour. We see the same in the US other once very popular brands like Subway, TGIF, Ruby Tuesday's, etc.

brand failure.png

Why do you think this happens?

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Traditionally, a franchisor was not generally responsible for the franchisee failure to pay the correct wages to the franchisee's employees.

Now that the franchisor can track and even help schedule the franchisee's employees, using the POS system, does that change anything?

who is the boss.jpeg

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For new franchisees, their grand opening is the biggest event that they will put on.

What are your tips for getting it right?


Here are some ideas on grand opening signage, from FASTSIGNS.

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So what does this use of language mean?

"We are leaning in to accelerate the transition of our Pizza Hut U.S. asset base to truly modern delivery/carryout assets," said David W. Gibbs, president, chief operating officer and chief financial officer for Yum! Brands, in an Aug. 1 earnings call to discuss second-quarter results. "

"Leaning in -- to accelerate a transition -- to truly modern delivery/carryout."

Translation: Bike couriers won't deliver from almost 500 of our Red Hat stores.

Oh, that's you mean -- why didn't you say so?

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Buying or selling a house is an exercise that can be fraught with anxiety. Sometimes you need a calming influence, or more importantly, a voice of reason when it comes to making what is one of life's big decisions.

In that situation, you want to turn to someone like Jack Zaczek, 48, who is a newer franchisee of Tampa, Florida based Pillar To Post Home Inspectors®, the brand to which more than three million families have turned to for more than 25 years to be their trusted advisor when buying or selling a home.


Zaczek is a just-retired veteran who spent more than 20 years in the Navy. And we all know that attention to detail and a sense of calm in times of stress are hallmarks of any veteran and Zaczek certainly has the credentials: He retired as a Navy Chief and was an Airframe and Flight Control Technician, certifying H60 Sea Hawk Helicopters safe for flight during eight - yes, eight - deployments to the Persian Gulf in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom campaigns.

"The attention to detail the Navy taught me inspecting aircraft will directly contribute to the high level of attention I give each home inspection I perform,"

said Zaczek, an Orange Park, Florida resident. Zaczek's Pillar To Post serves homebuyers and sellers throughout Duval, Flagler, St. Johns, Putnam and Nassau counties in Florida.

While Zaczek has the requisite mindset to be a successful home inspector, he also has the knowledge. Before joining the Navy in 1997, he worked in construction building custom homes in Oregon.

"Pillar To Post was a perfect fit for me. I love the profession and take great pride in my own home," Zaczek said. "Now being a home inspector gives me the opportunity to help and be involved with my community."

Pillar to Post Home Inspectors is a popular franchise brand among veterans such as Zaczek. The franchisor is a member of VetFran, a program of the International Franchise Association that helps vets purchase franchises and it has achieved 5-star status in that program, the top ranking possible.

In 2018, one-third of new Pillar To Post franchisees were military vets. "Pillar To Post has been ranked as the No. 1 home inspection franchise for the last seven years and I wanted to be part of that winning team," Zaczek said.

As the largest home inspection company in North America, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors has experienced impressive growth; not only among veterans, but with people in, or leaving the mortgage, contracting and construction industries. Realtors, both existing and former, are attracted to the concept which extends and adds to their prior work experience.

Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 for 18 consecutive years, the home inspection giant is also proud of its continued inclusion in the following Entrepreneur Magazine rankings.

  • Top Home-Based Franchises
  • Best of the Best
  • Top Low-Cost Franchises
  • Top Franchises for Veterans
  • Fastest Growing Franchises

In addition, Military Times Magazine named them one of the Top Franchises for Veterans.

As the housing market continues to grow, homeowners clearly recognize the importance of hiring a certified home inspector. A recent survey released by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) found that 88 percent of all U.S. homeowners believe home inspections are a necessity, not a luxury.

Additionally, the home inspection industry is largely comprised of aging owner-operators. As they leave the industry, homeowners will desire a strong reliable brand that utilizes the latest technology and education, resulting in significant growth opportunities for Pillar To Post Home Inspectors.

A professional evaluation both inside and outside the home is at the core of Pillar To Post's service. Inspectors input data and digital photos into a computerized report that is printed and presented on site. All information is provided to clients in a customized binder for easy reference, allowing homebuyers or sellers to make confident, informed decisions.


About Pillar To Post Home Inspectors®
Founded in 1994, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors is the largest home inspection company in North America with home offices in Toronto and Tampa. Nearly 600 franchises are located in 49 states and nine Canadian provinces. Long-term plans include adding 500 to 600 new franchisees over the next five years. For further information, please visit our Franchise Recruiting Website.


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