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It's pretty clear that franchise brand blogging is an effective way to communicate to probable franchise buyers.

How do you begin?

Start with a clear vision of why you are writing articles and for whom.

You want your probable franchise buyers to see how your franchise investment does these things -

  • Fits into their life
  • Helps them solve their problem
  • Gives them something to achieve and be proud of
  • Gets them to see themselves as your franchise brand owners

Your brand writing is all about what resonates with your probable franchise buyer.

Here are your 3 essential franchise writing topics and one thing you should stop doing -

  1. Why your franchise brand came into existence. Every brand has an origin and stories to tell.Think of these as chapters in your franchise brand's book.
  2. Tell stories about your franchise owners. How they see the franchise brand. How they got started.
  3. Talk about your industry. How your brand competes. Does things in interesting and novel ways. Solves your customers' problems
  4. Stop putting out boring run of the mill press releases that don't get you anywhere

Have reasonable and achievable franchise article writing objectives.

This is important and easier than you think.

Choose to write 2 articles a month as a realistic goal.

Here's the easy and good part.

As you add new articles most of them are evergreen and they become part of your brand archive and you can use them again and again.

These articles no matter how often you distribute them they will always be 'new' to new probable franchise buyers and that's the 'for whom' you are writing to.

The best to way to begin this is to start.

And when you do and you want Franchise-Info to look your article over email it to me at [email protected] 443.502.2636 and I'll tell you what we think.

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