Creating a Franchise Sales Person Who Listens as Opposed to an Order Taker: A Dialogue

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Here is a good dialogue between two experience franchise salespersons - about both the value of scripts and active listening.

The two concepts go hand in hand, when used correctly.

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Christina Chambers:

I have always found that good franchise sales reps have the ability to truly listen to candidates, ask enough probing questions to unveil true buyer motivation early on, and use the candidate's own motivations as tools for the close.

You can find out pretty quickly during on-boarding and call shadowing in the first 30-60 days whether you have a sales rep that has this ability or willingness to learn, practice, and master.

If they don't, then it's highly doubtful they will really sell vs just taking an order. ...

Joe Caruso:

Christina Chambers writes about on-boarding and call shadowing in the first 30-60 days"

How did you do this? Was it a formal or informal process?

Christina Chambers:

Formal process. Starting with rep shadowing me or another experienced rep so they can hear how it's done, then shadow them.

To help give direction, I provide a "script" / a la carte list of probing questions that the rep can use as the conversation flows.

Also suggest not being in the same room while shadowing calls or you create anxiety ... conference in from a separate line on mute. Meet immediately afterwards, talk about the good and the not-so-good as teaching opportunities. Rinse and repeat!

Joe Caruso:

Hey Christina Chambers brilliant of you to explain how you were able to do this with your franchise sales team members. Especially like the tips on observing and keeping the salesperson comfortable, that's a good idea.

Christina Chambers:

Thanks Joe Caruso! Happy to share best practices L

Joe Caruso:

Christina Chambers what did you discover after doing this. Did you see any common patterns?

Christina Chambers:

Yes! The ones who had mediocre or poor sales results were those who fought the process and feared that asking deep questions would "turn off" a candidate before building rapport by becoming their "friend" first.

On the flip side, those that embraced active listening but relied heavily on a questioning script in a robotic manner also did not perform well.

A sales rep who can sell has to have that mix of process and finesse, with a heavy dose of overall brand knowledge.

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