Don't let the IRS Rob You of Your Business - Watch for this One Mistake

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We had a client who was seriously considering buying a business & had to explore all financial avenues to complete the purchase. The client understood financing quite well.

To secure financing was quite complicated not only in light of the 7 figure purchase price but also because of the intricate structuring. We explored with him using his 401(k) monies to assist in the capitalization of his purchase.

Done properly, this transaction could be accomplished without penalties or taxes.

Both the client and his wife were CPAs. The more we taught them about about this structure the more they became intrigued and ultimately decided to include ROBS. The client compared us with another firm doing similar work.

And now, I want to toot our horn. Mine and the Walker Business Advisory, who I work with.

"I made contact with both firms and it was abundantly clear to me that after several conversations, Walker Business Advisory was hands down the better of the 2 firms. My questions were answered in a concise and clear fashion.

They had an in-depth knowledge of the structure, the laws and the process. They have a platform that is unique i.e. they shoulder all responsibility and liability for matters that relate to the plan. Their process is totally turnkey. There are two real important parts of their plan.

1. They have a Safe Harbor 401(k) with 15 different investment options and 5 asset allocations.

2. They are the fiduciaries and trustees of the plan.

All of this is can be accomplished for the same price as their competitors. If you take into consideration all that they do, they are dollar for dollar less expensive. I would like to thank Brian for introducing me to Fred Whitlock and Monty Walker. Fred was exceptional in explaining the product, service and process."

As previously referenced, my wife and I are CPAs and Monty, also a CPA, shed light on areas we were not familiar with and provided the solutions................nothing short of amazing!

Now it is great to have clients like this.

Why does that matter to you? Because if you are as smart as these two CPA's, you probably still don't know why is it important to design a plan with: a Safe Harbor and why being a fiduciary is necessary.

If you think that you need to know more, then just ask for more.

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Using IRA/401K money to fund a business venture done right can help achieve a business owner's financing objective.

Done wrong it can be an IRS nightmare.

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