The Importance of the SBA Guaranty

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What we have all realized, is whether we are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we want to get the recovery going.

How are we going to do that? Small business creates 65% of the jobs in this country. That is where the jobs are created.

We need to get people back to work and people want to get back to work.

There is some good news. We are seeing deals getting done.

Yesterday we did a webinar for the hotel industry, and what they are seeing is transactions being made. Mom and Pop's are buying these hotels, they're buying these franchises, and there is a lot of activity in that.

It is very difficult for our small business bankers to lend money today, so the banks need to have some sort of inducement to reduce the risk.

90% of the deals beneath $5 million were done with an SBA guaranty.

So, deals are being done, and that is great news.

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