1. Myth 1 - My Insurance Plan provides me with the best pricing for prescription drugs.

Most Insurance Plans provide adequate coverage for prescription drugs, but many of them use a 90 day mail in orders for maintenance medications. 

Some Plans have negotiated discount pricing with the Pharmacies, and they make their money, if they can convince you to participate in the mail order option.

Some Insurance Plans today still offer a ‘fixed’ co-pay amount for each prescription filled.

The co-pay could be $5, $10 $20 or higher. However not all pharmaceuticals cost what the co-pay amount is. If you are not careful, you could be paying a fixed cost of $15 for a prescription that only retails for $3.

If you have health insurance that provides for prescription drug coverage, chances are that the pharmacy or pharmacies you visit keep your information on file in a computer.

Solution 1: Check your prescription costs effortlessly.

Acquire a prescription ‘discount’ card and ask your pharmacist to keep that information on file as well. When you go to fill a prescription, simply ask the pharmacist to check the cost against both programs and go with the least expensive option.

It costs you little or nothing to have multiple options for the pricing of your medications.

To Print out Immediately your Free Prescription Drug Discount Card, Click Here Now.   (Please limit yourself to (2) cards, thanks.)



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