If you want to win big in 2014, you need to make sure you do two things consistently and do them well!

1st. Have activity goals on a daily/weekly basis that you can control and ones that will take you where you want to go.

How many calls, dials, face to face appointments, proposals, etc.  do you need to succeed?

As in football, the field goal that wins the game with 2 seconds left is the result of much preparation and practice. Are your practicing for sales or are you sitting on the bench? Standing on the sidelines? If so, getin the game and mix it up so you have a chance to win. I guarantee you can't do any worse then losing while on the bench!

2nd. pursue real sales opportunities, like in qualified prospect! Not suspects and prospects. How can you differentiate between qualified prospects and suspects?

The game has to be real, not imaginary- in your head. Is the opportunity real or are you kidding yourself, not to mention others?

And for the game to be real, you must know 4 critical things:

  1. that they have a need and want for your product or service
  2. have the money or means to acquire it
  3. have a decision making process in place with a timeline
  4. a date that your product or service is required

And if they don't have #4, they really don't have a real timeline to buy, and that means no need to make a decision!

So, set some behavior goals and then make sure you do a deep dive on qualifying. That means they and you have identified compelling reasons they should buy, you're positioned as the preferred provider and their reasons have greater value than the investment you'll ask then to make. Will they:

  • benefit financially?
  • Increase market share?
  • solveexisting problem?
  • mitigate customer satisfaction issues?
  • What else?

Do these things and2014 will be your best year ever!



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