Most franchisors want to sell to multi-unit qualified area developers.

Companies write about it in their press releases and in their 10Ks that they plan to grow their brand with these supremely qualified multi-unit operators.

Multi-unit operators who have proven experience in multi-unit development and operations know they are attractive to franchisors.

So, they play hardball. 

One trick they use is to by-pass the franchise sales team altogether and only talk with your CEO.

So how do you prevent these sought after potential multi-unit franchise candidates from keeping you out of the loop?

  • Make a deal with your CEO to get those inquiring potential multi-unit franchisees into your process.
  • Have your CEO take the incoming calls from potential multi-unit franchisees.
  • Give your CEO a roadmap and scripts for these calls so they know the process you'll use to make this type of sale.
  • The CEO's single objective is to get the potential multi-unit franchisee back to you.
  • Once you have the potential multi-unit franchise candidate talking with you, take control of the sale. You take control by giving it up.

Let the the candidate tell you their - 

  • Franchising story.
  • Vision for their future. 
  • Process for adding franchise brands to their portfolio.

Convince them you're the person that can get their deal done for them.

Describe the business development path in a way that fits how they make a buying decision. 


Yes Qualify them -

  • Ask them who else you'll be working with on their team.
  • Make sure early on that the territories they want are available.
  • Find out how much capital they intend to dedicate to your franchise brand.
  • Move them through your franchise sales process.

Never treat them like first time franchise buyer.

More tips and tactics on successfully recruiting these prized qualified multi-unit operators - give me a call.  Or sign up for the Franchise Sales Tips newsletter.



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