Franchise selling is about effective qualified lead generation and a franchise sales & recruitment process that works. Getting these two things right goes a long ways to winning you more franchise deals.

Franchise buyers usually don't enter your franchising process with their minds made up that your franchise concept is the one they will buy. And if they do they don't typically tell you that they are ready to buy. 

They might not want you to 'sell' them on your franchise. However they do want to be 'sold' on the idea of owning your franchise concept. They have to see themselves owning it and visualize doing what it takes to be successful.

Franchise sales processes from a franchise seller's perspective probably seem longer than they need to be. You likely have around a sixty day timeline plus or minus in your process.

However it's important to remember that franchise buyers need to go through a series of mental operations before they conclude it's time to commit, sign a franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee. 

 Franchise buyers buy on their schedule not yours.

There are techniques and tactics you can incorporate into your franchise sales and recruitment process to improve. Many require a certain amount of careful consideration and planning. 

I am going to focus on just one technique that you can implement right now, today without any delay. And it will change your franchising efforts dramatically.

Most franchise sales and recruitment processes have 6 or 7 steps from inquiry to franchise sale. Franchise buyers drop out of the process at different steps and it's the franchise seller's job to keep them engaged and advancing.

Here's what you do faithfully before the conclusion of the step you're on with each and every candidate. You schedule the next event in your process while you have them on the phone or across the table from you.  

Franchise sellers are the calendar keepers for franchise buyers.  

So pick a mutually reasonable time to schedule the next event with your franchise buyer. If they hedge on it you know you have a problem and you need to look into it right then and there. 

 If it's just a scheduling issue that's easy. Tell your candidate that's okay we'll put this on our respective calendars and if we need to change it we can.

This seems really easy to do. It's not.

I found the better the meeting I had with a candidate the more likely I was to forget to schedule or think it was not necessary to use this sales tactic. 

 Build the discipline to do this simple straightforward task every time and you'll get more & faster franchise sales without rushing your franchise buyers.



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