There exists a golden opportunity for tenants - large and small - to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars every year at their leased properties - one they don't even have to squeeze out of their landlord!

And their current broker (if they even have one working on their behalf) may be too myopic to know about it and bring it to their attention.

Enterprise Zones are created by state governments to incentivize business investment in geographical regions of under employment or economic blight. In many states, such as California, these zones cover huge swaths of real estate and include areas you would never expect to qualify.

Few people realize, for instance, that virtually every corner of downtown Los Angeles is within an Enterprise Zone!

The economic incentives come in the form of income tax credits for new hiring. Usually, these credits repeat year after year over the first five years of employment and the incentives do not expire as long as the tenant is doing business continuously at the eligible location - the gift that keeps on giving!

So find an expert in your market who can show you where the Enterprise Zones are and can in turn coach your tenant clients to maximize their savings. I have one.

Her firm has saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and has helped me earn their undying loyalty.

And for me, that's the "End" Zone!

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