6 Top Stories & Most Influential People - Friday 25th - Week In Review

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The Week of October 25th in Review.  

The Top 6 Stories in Franchising &

The Most Influential People this Week in Franchising.

-As Measured by  LinkedIn

-Stories Produced by Franchise Info.  


The Top 3 Franchising Stories, as Influenced by Joe Caruso - 12,000+ Readers [Oct 19-25]



1st Place With 1269 Readers

Frances Leary's Very Controversial Do You Need To Bribe Google to Succeed?


2nd Place With 1186 Readers (2nd Week on Top 3)

Frances Leary's What's New With Google Updates & 3 Easy Fixes for the Damage Done to Your Website


3rd Place - With 1017 Readers

Timothy Lorang's  Create Video Ads that Make You Rich



The Top 3 Franchising Stories, as Influenced by Michael Webster -6k+Readers [Oct 19-25]



1st Place  - With 1099 Readers.

Frances Leary's Very Controversial  Do You Need To Bribe Google to Succeed?

2nd Place - With 887 Readers. (2nd Week in Second Place.)

Michael Webster's Are Franchise Owners Putting Franchisors between a Rock and a Hard Place?


3rd Place - With 877 Readers. (2nd Week in Third Place.)

Frances Leary's  What's New With Google Updates & 3 Easy Fixes for the Damage Done to Your Website

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Congratulations to Frances Leary for writing popular articles with great information.

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