How Franchisors Can Avoid Large Dollar Damage Awards Created by Franchisees' Actions?

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Papa Johns, Domino's and Jiffy Lube all have one thing in common.

Each Franchisor paid a lot of money to settle class actions because some of their franchise owners made a mistake in complying with TCPA.

Near to $75 million.

Rite Aid paid $20.9 million to settle a Wage & Hour Class Action lawsuit, last year.  Because they misclassified employees as assisant managers to avoid paying minimum wage.

These million dollar cases worry all franchisor and franchise owners. 

The franchisor wants the franchise owners to have the best compliance advice possible.  For everyone's sake.

How can a franchisor do more than inform franchisees of the changes and urge them to confer with their lawyers to confirm that they are compliant?

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Daniel Blumenthal.jpg  Daniel Blumenthal, Corporate Counsel at Elevation Franchise Ventures

David G. Ross.jpg David G. Ross, Franchise Lawyer for Franchisees, Commercial Litigator, Employment Lawyer

   Warren Lee Lewis, Moderator 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013, from 11:45 - 2pm; The Tower Club in Tysons Corner VA 

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