How Valuable is Twitter to Your Marketing?


Twitter is often overlooked by local businesses because local businesses are already struggling to keep up with all the local marketing channels out there.  

At best it's a great social media channel with research that shows that Twitter is more effective than even Facebook in driving same day sales.  That's a great way to drive specials, react to slow days or promote new products.  

At worst, Twitter is yet another social media channel that when used ineffectively can be time consuming.  I think the social media infographic below highlights a lot of the positives of Twitter such as:

  • Customer service and communication

  • Leveraging followers to encourage positive Yelp and Google Places reviews

  • Influencer outreach

  • Cross-promotion of existing content and messaging

Platforms such as LocalCast, Hootsuite, Sprout Social can make publishing to Twitter part of the routine.  Just a checkbox that you click when you update your other social media services. You can manage Twitter in less than 5 minutes per day and that is worthwhile.

Now overall, the stats below strain credibility to me.  94% of Twitter users say it's their most valuable social media channel? I doubt that. 89% of those who have done Twitter advertising think it was a success?

Again, my anecdotal evidence suggests more conservative numbers.  

Of course these are Twitter's own stats, but the content is worth taking a look.


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