Create a Modern Business Card Using Your LinkedIn Profile


Attention - A Basic Need.

What do people crave even more than security?


We learn at an early age that attention is the best gift of all.

My young son gets attention, so far, like his father used to, by being the class clown.

My young daughter gets attention, so far, by applying herself studiously to her lessons.

The basic human need for attention has not been attenuated by social media.

Attention - From People Who Could Do Business With Us

In the last two articles, And, What Do You Do? & Using Rich Snippets to Create Compelling Headlines, we showed you two things.

First, how to create a better 'About Us' page.

Second, how to create a better title and headline for your 'About Us' page so that more more people who saw only the headline click through to your 'About Us' page.

Ok, now that more people have shown an interest in what you do, what would you like them to do?

If you were at a tradeshow, it would be normal to introduce yourself, ask some questions, and engage in chit-chat.

If all went well, they would want you to ask them for their business card. So, you would. And then get back to them in due course.

Now, how can your website play this role?

How can your website offer to exchange business cards with only people you will get back to --because they are qualified to do business with you?

Well, it cannot. Not exactly. But, your website can do something similar.

By presenting your LinkedIn business card to visitors, you achieve a similar effect. It looks like this. Here is the Franchise-Info Business card.

Example of LinkedIn Company Business Card -in an article

Here is Reid Hoffman's business card, Reid Hoffman is one of the founders of LinkedIn.

Example of LinkedIn Individual Business Card -in an article

Looks good, doesn't it. How can you get one? And what should you do with it?

Getting Your LinkedIn Business Card

The only difficulty with getting your LinkedIn Business card is how to implement it on your "About Us" page.

You want to put this javascript at the bottom of the html code.

Of course, replace with your own LinkedIn url. (If you don't know how to find your own LinkedIn url, the instructions are here, just click.)

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="IN/MemberProfile" data-id=""

For your Smart About Us business listing, we do this automatically for you. You can ask whomever manages your website to do the same for you.

As always you can ask me for more information in the comments section & I will do my best to answer.

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