What is New in Hashtags?

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Back in 2007, when hearing the word hashtag, many still thought of it as the "pound" or "number" sign.

Now, not only do most people know what a hashtag is, they're using them on a regular basis. I've even heard teenagers and young adults "speak" in hashtag, as in, "Ugh. I have nothing to wear, hashtag teenprobz."

Yes, they say the hashtag part!

We found this fun infographic that talks about the history of the hashtag.

Other social sites adopted the hashtag a few years later - first there was Instagram and Google+ in 2011, and later, in 2013, it was added to Vine, Flickr, and Facebook.

This is a fun walk through recent history to see how the hashtag has made a name for itself!


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Hashtags brought order and the ability to sort to Twitter.

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