Five New Uses For Your Modern Business Card

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Joan Immediato and Jack Rickenbach are the principals in Aranco Productions. Joan and Jack have attended almost every franchise convention in the last 30 years.

One of the products that Joan and Jack create caught my eye - it is a modern replacement for the business card and 60 second elevator pitch.

They call it the "VID-eCARD™".

Not sure about the name, but it is a short video embedded into what looks like business card. It is a terrific presentation.

Here is Joan to explain herself, on Vimeo site.

Joan Immediato presents Aranco Productions from Aranco Productions on Vimeo.

There are 5 neat uses here:

1. You could have this video hosted on your LinkedIn profile.

2. You could download the file on a memory stick to give to clients, with some supporting written documents.

3. You could use it to practice your elevator pitch.

4. You could use it as replacement for your LinkedIn business card for your Franchise Info articles.

5. You could have it as an app and share it.

Looks very cool & I must get one!

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Love this!

What a terrific way to introduce yourself and what you do. It's a simple and elegant tool.

I agree Joe, could nicely replace the static LinkedIn business card with a short video.

Very cool stuff! If the script is kept tight and the person shows some personality, this could be a great marketing tool.

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