The Art of Meaningful Conversation

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We live in a digital world. . . I get that.   If I ever need a reminder of this all I need to do is look for my son and I will usually find him engrossed in his IPod Touch.

My question is, with all the time we spend on line viewing emails, websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook, Google + and texting, how much time are we spending really communicating?

How deep a thought can you ask and answer in 140 characters?

How meaningful a conversation can you have texting your BFF?

When you comment on a blog, does it lead to a two way dialogue  that further probes the question or better yet, are your comments even acknowledged?

I believe the true art of conversation and dialogue is becoming lost on society.    Very few people pick up a phone to find out what someone REALLY meant by a posted comment and because of that things are misinterpreted, perceptions are formed and acted upon that have little to do with the original intention of the initial discourse.

We answer a point quickly and move onto the next subject.   WHY?    Are we so inundated with information that we do not feel we have time to truly delve into the meaning of a query?     Do we focus on the trivial and not take the time to understand that which requires more thought and contemplation?    I would say YES, but how is this benefiting society?

We are not taking the time and the effort to properly communicate our wants, needs, desires, fears and aspirations and because of that we have been reduced a world of 30 second or less sound bites that mostly miss their mark.

As a marketer, how do we get people to care about what we are trying to communicate about?   How do we move people beyond the 140 character glib response and get them to delve into the value of the brand to them?    If we cannot get people to care and show them why whatever we are communicating has meaning in their life, they will quickly move to the next piece of data put before them.

It is our role as marketers to truly understand the brand, it’s value and how that value can best be presented to various groups of clients.    We cannot rely on a single marketing technique or a single medium to do so.    To truly get people involved on an emotional level requires appealing to all five of their senses.  We have to relearn to communicate to them in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them.   It is not about being tech savvy or not, it is about realizing that different people hear the same phrase differently depending on how it is presented to them.   By realizing this and catering your message to their needs, you will find them far more receptive to your messaging and call to action..

Let us work with you to find ways to help you communicate in a way that will get you heard and make you understood.

In the end, it is all about Getting YOU Noticed!   

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