Labor Day Week in Review - Top Stories and Influencers in Franchising

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For the Labor Day week, here are the Most Popular Stories, Most Read Stories as picked by Google & the Top Influencers in Franchising as picked by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and Google make their picks in an objective manner using their Secret Algorithms.

But, at Franchise Info, You are the Final Judge.  

Let us know what You think of the Top Stories and Influencers, in the comments.


The 3 Most Popular Stories

1.  Richard Solomon's Franchisors Fail at an Amazing Rate

2.  Michael Webster's How Much Can I Make with a Popeyes Louisiana  Kitchen Franchise?

3.  Nancy Lanard's What are the Hottest Franchisees You Can Buy, Now?



The 3 Most Thoughtful Articles

1.  Michael Webster's Four Steps to Creating a Modern Franchisee Association

2.  Seth Stadfeld's Serious Concerns for Serious Franchisees

3.  David Gould's Franchise Owners Want to Know: Where is My Rebate Check?



Top Influencers in the IFA LinkedIn Group

  • Michael Latham
  • Michael Webster
  • Dallas Bennewitz
    • Dallas Bennewitz
    • Strategic Marketing Executive |C-Level Marketing Experience in Food, Beverage, Healthcare, Retail & Franchising
  • David Bloom
    • David Bloom
    • Senior Vice President of Brand Expansion at Hurricane AMT, LLC

Top Influencers in Franchise Professionals LinkedIn Group


Top Influencer in Metro Franchise Association Group

Top Influencer in the Franchisor Owners Group

Top Influencer in Franchise Suppliers  Group

  • David Stein
    David Stein
    Founder and CEO, The Producers Network

Top Influencers in Franchise Attorney Group

    • John A. Gordon
    • Ben Hanuka
      Ben Hanuka
      Principal, Franchise Counsel and Arbitrator, Law Works P.C.

    Top Influencers in the Franchisors Group

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