If design is what attracts others to your site, content is what will make them stay! For this post in the "6 Key Elements to Launching a Successful Partner Web Marketing Program" series, we'll go over the importance of a targeted partner content marketing strategy and what it entails to get it right!

As you may know by now, a blog that's constantly updated can generate up to 7 times more traffic than a static site! Not only that but, according to Content+, 60% of customers feel more positive about a company after they've read custom content in their site!

So, to sum it up, partner marketing is great for your online presence and to engage potential customers! If you need more reasons why you should include partner content marketing in the web marketing strategy for your co-op marketing program, here they are:

  • Shows the Human and Caring Side of Your Company

  • Connects with the Audience at a Local Level

  • Drives SEO and Potential Leads

  • Increases Your Authority in a Subject and in the Industry

What Partner Content Marketing Entails

1. Topic Inspiration

The first thing about content marketing has to do with what will you write about. Your partners need targeted topics that make sense for the strategy that corporate has set for them. Producing new post ideas constantly can be tiring, but you can always help out your partners' content efforts, and even share some renewable sources of inspiration they could dig into.

2. Editorial Calendar

After your partners have an idea of what they'll write about, they should put together an editorial calendar to stay organized in their strategy. In it, they can plan out when and what they'll be posting about. Just remember to make sure they update it constantly so they aren't lost on where they are and where they should go.

3. Producing the Content

Now, the tricky part. Actually producing blog posts requires some technique, skill, expertise, and time to produce a quality, well written, targeted article that people would want to read.

Content marketing is extremely time consuming and, if they don't pay close attention to what they're doing, the results won't be as great as expected. On that note, make sure your partners will create compliant but targeted content by sharing guidelines with them!

Once your partners are done with producing juicy content, it's time to make the articles readable, and images can really help you out there. Remember, even though content is meant to give your boost your SEO efforts, it's of no use if potential customers aren't reading it!

4. Optimization

The last thing I do before posting a new article, is make sure that my content is SEO ready. There are a bunch of steps to consider in this. To sum it up, your partners would want to proofread their article, make sure keywords are present in a coherent but consistent way, add tags to links and images, and take care of the page title and meta data, among other things!

How Empowerkit Can Help

Indeed, content is great and it's crucial if you want to launch a successful partner web marketing strategy in your co-op marketing program! But, let's face it, it can be a big hassle and it's probable that your partners won't get it right due to the fact that they're busy people trying to keep their local unit above the water! If your staff doesn't have the time to create the content, that's OK.

We'll do it for you! A dedicated copywriter will work with you to write content for your site! We'll produce compliant content that makes sense for each partners' specific audience! Plus, we have a library of thousands of images that you can use on your site for free! All our images have been hand-picked for your partners' small businesses! They liven up the partner sites and their content.

Remember that your partners will be able to call us at 510.859.8452 anytime they'd like to make an update to their site! So, even if they have limited technical skills don't have the time, they can contact us directly to make new content updates. This way there will be no more excuses for your partners not succeeding online!


Partner content is one of the most important tactics to have a successful web marketing program! Many companies neglect it for fear of brand compliance issues or the fact that their partners don't have the time/expertise to take care of it. Still, as the Internet becomes a larger platform, more companies will have to move their brand online and use content marketing as a way to provide value and increase their rank, so why not get a head start and do it now? If you're not sure how you and your partners should go about it, there are always ways for you to collaborate and create a compliant content marketing strategy that makes sense for local audiences! To see what the other 5 key elements of a successful partner web marketing program are, click on the links: SetupDesign,  Social MediaOff Site SEOAnalytics. Have a question about Empowerkit or this post? Let us know in the comment section! 

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