What's Hot in Franchising - Week 20 in Review

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Subway, Starbucks, and 2015 Preview


     1. Can Subway really open 8,000 more locations?  Great insider observations on the threads.

     2. Will Starbucks start to sell more than just coffee?  

     3.  Planning already for selling in 2015.


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Jason.jpgSubway Intent on Overthrowing McDonalds

There are currently 26,000 Subway eateries in the U.S.

But according to Subway CEO Fred DeLuca, there is always room for more. DeLuca recently announced that he believes that there is room for another 8,000 Subways in the U.S.

"Maybe it will take 10 years or so," he commented. "If we do a good job building consumer demand, that number might change and be higher."

Vigorous and thoughtful dissent in the Comments on Subway.   


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What Do You Make of the New Starbucks Menu?

Vanilla lattes and caramel frappes might the first thing to come to mind when you think of Starbucks, but this global franchise is looking to move beyond coffee.

The coffee giant recently announced that it would begin serving handcrafted carbonated beverages known as "Fizzios" in 3,000 stores across the U.S. and in global markets, such Singapore, South Korea, and China, by the end of year.


Comments on Starbucks New Menu


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kathy.jpgWhat's New in Selling to the Customer in 2015?

We know what customers look like right now - more integrated with social media, looking for a personalized, efficient shopping experience.

With things changing as quickly as they are, have you thought ahead to what your customer will look like in 2015?


Coments  on Social Media Marketing.  


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