Executives Searching for Alternatives

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"Today's corporate focus is on growing revenue, maintaining expanded productivity, innovating and maximizing the financial contribution of smaller operating teams.

But as ExecuNet's 2011 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report reveals, more North American employers are realizing they've stretched management capability to its limits and need to rebuild depleted executive teams."

ExecuNet’s 2011 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report found 32 percent of high-ranking executives are thinking about buying or starting a business or consulting practice. The report is based on surveys of 3,636 participants that included executives, search firm consultants and corporate human resource professionals.

We have been working with executives for the last 27 years and know from our clients that they have to explore other options in this economy.  Living on unemployment or in fear of losing your job is not a long term financial or well being strategy.

We are offering two days - two sessions each day at two locations in Connecticut to explore business ownership.  Top franchisors and other resources will be available to meet and discuss business ownership options ranging from executive level, multi-unit, single unit or geographies in the US or outside.  If you have access to a minimum $45,000 capital for investment  and are looking for alternatives to start a business within the next six-nine months, then join us on May 26 or June 8 in Connecticut (see link below for details). 

During the two-hour session,  we will review how to research  the best franchise options, understand cost and market opportunities, and how to maximize your return. To register for this free session click here Register today.

If you already have a franchise and want to add to your portfolio a complimentary or totally different type of business model, feel free to register today.

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