Oceanfront Franchise Registration Software


If you are responsible for maintaining state franchise registrations and notices for multiple franchised brands, Oceanfront FRS can increase your efficiency and peace of mind, whether you are in-house counsel with a franchisor or outside legal counsel for several franchisors.

Oceanfront FRS consists of:

  1. a database that maintains franchisor, franchise seller and state information, and that generates dockets, reports and status sheets, and

  1. software that generates instructions to the franchisor’s signatory, complete packages of state-specific documents required for registration, amendment and renewal filings, and cover letters to state examiners.

Hundreds of state franchise registrations and notices have been maintained using Oceanfront FRS.

Now, it is available to the public under license.

How do you know this if this is right for your franchise practice?

Well, the best way is to download the Guide, for free, and see it talks about solving problems in your franchise practice.

To obtain the OceanFront FRS Guide to the Software, please sign up.

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