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Dave is an accomplished Senior Business and Human Resource executive with a proven track record of developing, implementing, and delivering short and long-term results.

He has held management and executive level positions with companies large and small throughout the United States.

He is most thankful and proud of his tenure as part of McDonald’s Corporate Diversity team where he was recognized for his positive impact by being selected as an Accelerated Executive candidate.

Dave has improved  brand and financial results for his employers in every capacity he has served.

His business approach exceeds financial objectives by requiring and inspiring exceptional capabilities all team members.

He is an accomplished facilitator and leader.

Dave was the Sr. Regional Manager, McDonald's in Nashville, the fourth largest Region in the domestic system at that time.  

"I loved the time & am very proud of what we accomplished with the Diversity Programs/Initiatives in Dallas, Texas.  These were critical to the turn-around of McDonald's in Texas.  The Diversity Programs/Initiatives laid the foundation for our furture success."

His extensive travels have further  contributed immensely to his understanding of diversity.

Dave has lived throughout America. He has background that includes significant P&L responsibility & 20 years in the human capital arena.

Additionally, he ran his own business for 4 years in Michigan and Indiana.

Dave is an operationally focused team builder committed to developing human capital and executing business initiatives that drive organizational success.

He creates continuous improvement within his teams.

Human Capital is a top three (3) strategic differentiator for any organization.


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