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Franchise Brand Websites - No Traffic

All franchisors, big or small, have the same problem:

  • Their best leads come from their website.
  • But, their website doesn't get a lot of traffic.
  • And, there is no SEO solution to increase organic traffic.

Look, even Carl's Jr., a very large QSR, has low traffic/high Alexa Score.

Carls Traffic.png

Franchise-Info's LinkedIn Marketing Solution - Get Prospects To Visit Your Website Directly

We have an elegant solution, which just works.

We can drive traffic from LinkedIn, where your prospects are, directly to your franchise recruiting website.

More qualified traffic leads to more scheduled franchise sales appointments.

Why Does this Work?

Over the last six months, we have reached 3,873,902 people on LinkedIn interested in franchising.

Reach 1.png

And during that time, of those 3,873,902 we reached, 65,439 people clicked through -- they went from LinkedIn directly to the franchisor's website.

Click 1.png

Why LinkedIn & Not Some Other Social Platform?

LinkedIn is the where your prospects go when they are serious in pursuing a new opportunity, job or new business.

Our Guarantee

This will work for your franchise brand, so email Joe Caruso -with "LinkedIn Marketing Test" as the title- and we will set up you for a test, straightaway.

Your test campaign will run 4 ads or placements in LinkedIn, for a total of 7 days.

We will set up these ads with your help & then talk with you about what your results showed.

Try it before buying it.

What do you have to lose? Get on this now.


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