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Imagine that a vicious hurricane displaces you from your hometown. You move to another city in another state where you meet up with another displaced victim. Instead of longing for what was, the two of you focus on the future. One conversation leads to another, and you decide to become business partners, open a “paint and sip” studio, and franchise it.

Sounds farfetched?

Indeed, especially since neither partner had franchise experience, and some of their conversations occurred in a FEMA trailer in Louisiana!

But today it’s another amazing franchise opportunity. Charles Willis and Craig Ceccanti created Pinot’s Palette and began its development in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

It’s a pretty good bet that had that hurricane never ripped through New Orleans, Pinot’s Palette wouldn’t exist today.

And it not only exists, but it leads the paint-and-sip franchise sector. By early 2014, there were at least 200 paint- and-sip outlets in North America, with new companies opening up almost daily. The concept creates a social experience where guests enjoy their favorite cocktails and snacks while learning to paint.

Because it is a “no experience required” art event, the focus is on fun.

Of course, Pinot’s Palette franchisees are also focused on making money, and co-founders Ceccanti and Willis created a technology suite that helps the franchisees operate their businesses professionally.

I think you’ll want more information about this franchise opportunity!

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