The Year 2013 In Review

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Our top 3 stories from 2013 are: most popular, most thoughtful, and most engaging.  

The most popular story had the most pageviews or readers in 2013.  

Sometimes, however, we want the story which was the most thoughtful: a story which had a large number of readers who spent  the longest time reading the article- the most thoughtful story.

Finally, we want the story which was read by a lot of people who spent a longish amount of time reading the article - the story which engaged most readers.

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Most Popular Story of 2013


Kathy (Salerno) Doering.jpg

Kathy Doering has written a number of stories which are very popular.  But one story dominated the headlines in 2013.

I am not going to give it away.

You will just have to read the most popular story of 2013 by clicking here.



Most Thoughtful Story of 2013


Joe Caruso.jpg Joe Caruso wrote the article which people spent the most amount of time reading. 

Joe had a thoughtful discussion of how franchise recruiting had really changed since the 1990's - with the move from print to digital advertising.

Since Joe has almost 25 years in franchise sales, his article Why The Internet has Really Changed Lead Gen For Franchise Sales & How You Can Benefit From It was highly regarded.


Most Engaging Story of 2013

Ok, our measure of engagement, a function of the number of readers and the time they spent reading the article, actually picked three articles which were the most engaging stories of 2013.


Greg Everts.jpgGreg Evert's article Papa John's Lessons from $250 Million in Text Message Class Action was a thoughtful discussion of a social media disaster.

As Greg pointed out: "The decision also vividly reminds all businesses that the TCPA applies to unsolicited text messages just as it does to unwelcome faxes."

his is legal jungle which franchisors are going to have to become more sophisticated about.

Compliance with the TCPA requires more than common sense, it requires extensive documentation.



Andrew.jpgAndrew Hubert's article Why Most Americans Almost Always Lose to Chinese Business Negotiators was also very well received by our readers.

As franchise systems expand internationally, negotiation experts like Andrew will be in demand.

Andrew does have a very good paid course on Udemy on how to negotiate effectively with the Chinese.

Be real important for someone making the trip over to China to prepare, remind and help with the differences in business negotiations.



michaelwebster.jpgFinally, my own story on pre-purchase investigation How Much Can I Make with a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchise? has a great following.

With the swing, finally, to more extensive Item 19 disclosure we are going to see more analytical and public discussions of how much you can make with buying a franchise.

Franchisors should note that this story, unlike most stories, is read daily by 18- 42 and they spend 5:35 minutes reading it.  Popeyes is attracting a great deal of interest, are you doing the same?

Our thanks again to Rhonda Sanderson for sponsoring the Year End Review.

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