CAFA's Lunch and Learn

Thanks for these questions.

I liked them so much, I added some of the answers to our about us page.

This year we are making a big push for more franchisors to use Sales Navigator to recruit and prospect for new franchise owners.

1. Here is the current announcement, we will add (2) more speakers to the panel.

2. The majority of attendees are senior franchisor executives and franchise attorneys.

3. The events are bi-monthly luncheon meetings. We typically have between 30-40 people, although for the May meeting we anticipate 40+ members attending.

4. At last year's May event, we had 48 attendees.

5. The past speakers for this topic, Franchise Development, last year were:

Joe Caruso, Dr. Michael (Mick) Riddiough, and Sidney Lee.

6. The press usually only covers the January meeting, as the President of the International Franchise Association gives a state of the union address.

7. There is no cost for speakers & we pay your lunch. (Members pay $40 and non members pay $60 to attend)

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