Franchise Recruitment Strategies that Just Work Online & Offline

Every year in May, CAFA has a Lunch and Learn Seminar on New Development in Franchise Sales & Recruiting.

Creating, Maintaining, and Updating Franchise Recruitment strategies & websites.

Your franchise is a growing system.

You've needed to pivot when necessary. Your  brand has tried different approaches, and you have accomplished a lot.

There is silver bullet for franchise sales, but there are better ways. 

This Lunch and Learn is about finding out what works and what might work better.

Bob Canter

Our Panel will consist of Amy Nichols, CFE, Greg Jones, Dave Cyphers, , one other Franchisor.  And of course moderated by Warren Lewis.


Amy Nichols CFE.jpg Amy Nichols, CFE Founder & CEO, Dogtopia Dog Daycare Franchise


Greg Jones.jpg Greg S. Jones, Founder and Chairman at Bookkeeping Express

Dave Cyphers.jpg Dave Cyphers, The Cypher's Agency

   Warren Lee Lewis, Moderator 


Here are some things that have worked for other people.

Would it make sense for you to try one of them? 

1. Stop over-selling your prospects with information. Start persuading instead.

2. Find out if your online application form is turning away prospective franchise buyers.

3. Why the franchisor's passion can ruin your sales.

4. Do you know the most important design rule for a website that sells?

5. Learn the most popular way people navigate a website & how you can take advantage of it.

6. One simple sales audit tip for your franchise recruitment website.

7. What is the most viewed page on a website that sells?


If you only sell one franchise because of attending this Lunch and Learn, it will be worth it.

Time: Tuesday, May 20th from 11:45 - 2pm

The Tower Club in Tysons Corner VA 

Registration 11:45 - 12:15 - Lunch 12:15 - 12:45 - RoundTable 12:45-2:00

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