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Is Simplot Wrong to Sell Genetically Modified Potatoes?
I don't know whether genetically modified potatoes are a good idea or not. But, given the recent divergence of views, it is worthwhile remembering how we got the frozen french fry. Ray Kroc and the McDonald's executives from the…
in Operations
Waiting for Someone to Finally Find Your Website?
At Ripley PR, we encourage our audience to enhance their B2B public relations and marketing strategies by producing relevant content through blogging. But creating great content is simply one piece of the puzzle. Waiting for someone to stumble across your…
in Marketing
Don't let the IRS Rob You of Your Business - Watch for this One Mistake
We had a client who was seriously considering buying a business & had to explore all financial avenues to complete the purchase. The client understood financing quite well. To secure financing was quite complicated not only in light of the…
in Operations
The 11 Steps to Make a Lawful Franchise Sale
If you want to make a legal franchise sale, you must follow certain basic franchise sales steps. Those steps are shown in the picture below. We will move through each step, noting the potential compliance pitfall. 1. You must have…
in Legal
How Much Can I Make Buying a Franchise?
Every franchisor, big or small, has a franchise development department. In some cases it is a department of one that may be manned by a passionate (and quite frequently strange and eccentric) founder. In other cases, it may be a…
in News
Could Facebook be Franchised?
When you hear the word "franchise", most of us think immediately about Subway, McDonalds and many others. Traditional franchise opportunities have been brick and mortar locations that allow entrepreneurs to "live the American dream." Times are a changing. Enter…
in News
Why You Don't Use Personality Tests When Selecting Franchisees
Let's try an experiment. Pick your 10 best franchisees. Describe their personalities. Are they all the same? Or are they all different? If you're like most franchisors, you'll say that they are all different. Now, look at your corporate culture.…
in Operations
See How Easily You Can Share the Right Type of Content across the Social Media Platforms
Each social media platform has different users that are engaged, and those users want to see and interact with different types of content. This makes social content marketing all that more complex because company's must tailor the content they distribute…
in Marketing
Get the Real Stars on TV
Nobody doubts that a professional athlete has superior skills. They are stars. The average employee working at McDonalds doesn't have it. They are not stars. But, here is a surprise, as related by Jerry Newman in his My Secret…
in Operations
The One Letter You Always Wanted To Write - For Thanksgiving
Dear Family, I'm not dead yet. Thanksgiving is still important to me. If being in my Last Will and Testament is important to you, then you might consider being with me for my favorite holiday. Dinner is at 2:00. Not…
in Marketing
4 Great Tips to Fix Your Content Marketing Strategy
In B2B public relations and marketing efforts, creating valuable and compelling content is a key driver of success. You may know how to produce relevant content for your business, but are you producing it with an overall strategy in…
in Marketing
Are You Unlawfully Discriminating when Recruiting Franchise Owners?
In a recent LinkedIn discussion, one of the participants mentioned the fear that many franchisors have - inadvertently but unlawfully discriminting by using a selection tool like a personality profile. There is general lack of independent data that demonstrates…
in Operations
What is Your Worst Customer Service Story?
As most of you are aware, all the stories we share with you at our onsite programs and in our newsletters, blogs, etc., are 'true.' Nothing is made up. They either happened to me personally, I witnessed them, or…
in Operations
3 Tragic Ways CEOs Kill Off Franchise Sales
Growing your brand through franchising is a demanding and exacting proposition. You need to mindful of all the franchising rules, regulations and administration requirements. And you have to have a great plan with a talented franchise sales leader working…
in Operations
The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll
I have been fortunate to meet with over 3,000 businesses over the last ten years - from start-up restaurants with big dreams, to mature chains facing tough decisions. No matter what stage a company is in, payroll is constant; it…
in Operations
One Way to Structure the Sale of a C-Corporation - Hire the Owner
When a C-corporation sells an asset and the corporation's owner goes to work for the buyer, there may be an incentive for the parties to pay the owner a higher salary than the market will bear, as disguised payments…
in Operations
Are You a Great Leader?
Recently, there have been several discussions on LinkedIn, (including ones I've started,) talking about what it takes to be a good manager. Although some posts have mentioned that managers need to be leaders, I haven't seen leadership defined. Here's what…
in Operations
Why Do New Franchisors Really Fail?
A very long time ago (about 15 years) I wrote about why new franchisors fail. During that 15 year period we lawyers have "improved" upon the legal infrastructure of the franchisor quite substantially. As you may know, the franchise…
in Legal
Do You Know What 70% of Searches are Used For?
Lately, everyone seems to be concerned with only content and social media marketing, but there's a basic marketing tactic that should be done before anything else when it comes to online marketing: local listings. It may seem flippant in…
in Marketing
Let's Be Upfront about Franchise Fees
Here's a conversation I've had more than once with clients and CEOs of franchising companies. It's about upfront franchise fees. The conversation typically starts with the C-level executive saying: "We make our real money on royalties & not on…
in Operations

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