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What Professional Actors Know that Can Help Your Business
For years I have been working with companies to upgrade, tweak and help with scripts their sales and/or customer service reps. Fast forward. Now we're trying to get our clients who ask for help with a script to consider…
in Operations
The Little Known Reason Pizza Franchises Make Money
Many years ago, a favorite cousin decided to open a pizza shop. Everyone told her that she made the best pizza in the world - and she did! Even though a pizza shop is a great business idea, I…
in Marketing
Is Your Franchise Sales Staff Wasting Your Money?
It's harder than ever to get your franchise candidate on the telephone. You and I both know you can't sell a franchise until you have further qualified the franchise candidate for your offering. And that means engaging in verbal dialogue…
in Operations
Creating Customer Loyalty Programs that Work
Customer loyalty programs can be simple, such as a buy 10 and get 1 free, or more complicated like an Airmiles program. But, it can be easy to misunderstand what even the simply loyalty program is doing. For example,…
in Operations
Tips on Evaluating a Lease - Start with Standards
Investors are taking a fresh look at income producing real estate. Other investors are hanging on to their existing income real estate investments wondering how they will be affected by the vagaries of this vicious down cycle. In either…
in Operations
Four New Methods to Improve Your Tradeshow ROI
If you've ever been to a Cold Stone Creamery, you know that eating plain vanilla can be a bit boring. After all, when you order your frozen treat, the first thing the person with the scoop will ask is,…
in My Association Resources
How to Use the Best Franchise Owner Testimonials For Your Franchise Sales
Validation can take up an enormous amount of time when recruiting new franchisees. Most all prospects want to hear from existing franchisees about their experiences and get answers to their burning questions. If you let prospects call on a…
in Operations
How Much Can I Make Buying a Franchise?
Every franchisor, big or small, has a franchise development department. In some cases it is a department of one that may be manned by a passionate (and quite frequently strange and eccentric) founder. In other cases, it may be…
in News
3 Ideas to Make Customer Service Easier
In a society where poor customer service is rampant, a well-trained company staff can shine if everyone adopts and commits to some simple service approaches. The result can mean not only keeping your customers happy, but also keeping them period!…
in Operations
4 New Ideas in Awarding Franchise Territories
Pet services have been the fastest growing product segment for the Pet Stores industry over the past five years.* Pet services include full service grooming, haircuts, baths, toenail trimming and tooth. As the demand climbs and the need to…
in Operations
Not so Easy Tips for I-9 Compliance
When it comes to I-9 forms (you know, the federally required employment eligibility verification forms required whenever you hire someone) a few lucky employers will deal with common circumstances 99% of the time and won't be overly fazed by…
in Operations
What is the Best Leadership Style for a Franchise?
Your employees are on the "front lines" of your business, so it makes sense to talk to them to get their take on what can be improved in the business. They're the people that are continually dealing with your…
in Operations
What has the Internet Really Changed for Lead Gen in Franchise Sales?
Print leads were different from internet leads. It used to be that a print lead would phone you after seeing your print ad. While on the phone with the prospective purchaser, you had to qualify them financially. You also…
in Operations
Why Your Training Almost Always Fails
There is a lot of nonsense written by smart people about storytelling. And, most of their talk is just a story - not worth listening to. Nobody uses a story to show why storytelling is more convincing than any…
in Marketing
Prevent Brand Damage With a Complete Franchise Website
In this day and age, 95% of customers turn to the Internet to quickly find products and services -- and that includes finding a local business provides them. The importance of having a website for your brand franchise is…
in Marketing
Are You Making this Change to Your Item 1 Disclosure?
The top stories in the franchise world continue to be about efforts by the cities of Seattle, Chicago, and others in raising the minimum wage with laws that discriminate against small business owners who own franchises. For the full…
in Legal
What's New in Creating Franchise Territories?
Why is Defining Territories so Brutal? Building territories is an undertaking that is part science, part art, and mostly psychology. It's typically a collaboration between two parties whose interests are not necessarily aligned to the same goal, but they…
in Operations
Franchise Disputes - Remedied in Less Time & Costing Less Money
It seems to me, looking at this phenomenon over the 53 year history of my practice as a conflicts specialist/litigator, that most of what I have to try (or where I have had to be sufficiently aggressive to cause…
in Legal
Increase Sales & Lower Ad Costs using Text Messaging
Your customers hold the secret of lowering advertising costs and increasing revenue in the palm of their hands. Text message marketing, being called the single most effective marketing medium of all time by some, is taking the world by…
in Marketing
Why the Changes in Private Equity effect Franchise
Recently, we've been talking about the different types of buyers we work with and how the buyer market has changed during the past few years; some good and some "to be determined". In this article, we talk about the…
in Operations

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