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Who Else Wants to Close More Deals?
Imagine this: you have just persuaded your company's top 500 prospects to join a real-life networking group that your company owns. This group meets weekly, and discusses business topics in a very engaged way. To stack things in your…
in Marketing
Hundreds Now are Making More Sales - Small Attitude Adjustment Required
Over the years, we've all heard claims that having a positive attitude will help you become successful. Although I've always been a strong believer of this statement, I had never seen or heard any data backing it up. That is,…
in Operations
If You Don't Protect Your Trade Secrets Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later
In this series of blog posts, we have examined the use of injunctive relief in state and federal courts in response to employees who have misappropriated confidential information and trade secrets, who have solicited clients and employees, or who…
in Legal
Your Ex-Employees Want to Bankrupt You & Your Franchisor
The Department of Labor is keen on inflicting heavy penalties on franchise brands for their collective failure to pay fair wages. "Under Solis, the amount of back pay Labor collected for workers in wage and hour enforcement actions rose to…
in Operations
How Many of Your Fans on FaceBook do You Really Reach?
6 months ago I met with the Head of Digital at a major movie studio. He was recounting a meeting with Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook in which he explained that they didn't need Facebook advertising. They had already built such…
in Marketing
Should Your New Ad Agency Re-Invent Your Franchise Sales Process?
Ad agency review time is always an adventure and a great deal of fun. It happens at most companies at 18 month intervals and sometimes the incumbent agency retains the account and sometimes not. The decision to change ad…
in Marketing
Five Problems with Onboarding Your New Hires - Which Ones Do You Want to Overcome?
Employee retention can be impacted by a number of different organizational forces, which start the moment the employee steps in the door to interview for the job. One of the most important things to remember is that first impressions can…
in Operations
Can You Write a Press Release?
"We can write our own press releases. Why would we pay someone to do it?" At Ripley PR, we understand why this question is asked, especially with many C-level executives and business owners trying to watch their bottom line. Here's…
in Marketing
You Don't Have to Re-Do your Website to Gain More Sales
Recently a potential client asked "How much for your company to re-do my website?" A question so simple carried with it such ambiguity. Before determining the answer we had to know specifics. Starting with history, we asked when was the…
in Marketing
5 Essential & Strategic Elements for Managing Your Reputation
Reputation marketing isn't something to be improvised. I always encourage my clients to take the offensive when it comes to their reputation. Most companies have an area or two where they operate in the crisis management mode and can…
in Operations
6 Warnings Signals of a Nervous Franchisee Prospect
A franchisee who sued his franchisor for fraud learned the hard way why it's important to read the Franchise Disclosure Document, cover to cover, before buying a franchise. A California franchisee of Big O Tires sued the company in…
in Legal
Legal & Strategic Considerations in Confronting System-Wide Changes
Franchisee association leaders confront potential system wide disputes in many key areas such as: 1. Involuntary change to the brand, concept, or products; 2. Merger or consolidation issues; 3. Franchise agreement issues - interpretation of terms, or changes to…
in Legal
When Celebrity Speakers Fail to Deliver
A few months ago, I was a guest speaker for ABWA. My presentation was Speak Powerfully Sell More: Speak Your Way to More Business. One woman in the audience asked a question about how to handle a celebrity who…
in My Association Resources
A Simple Way of Getting Your Customers to Come Back for More
It's no secret that the restaurant sector is a very competitive segment of the service industry to survive in for full-service restaurant concepts. Most restaurants struggle to make it past the first, second, and third years of business; the U.S.…
in Operations
How to Do Site Selection Using Advance Mapping Techniques
Have you ever wondered just what goes into figuring out where to locate a restaurant? Certainly there are hungry people everywhere, so why is one site better than another? That question is one that Dave O'Brien, real estate manager at…
in Operations
10 Tips Which Solve Your Most Pressing Content Marketing Problem
What to write, what to write, what to write. Think, think, think. Nothing, nothing, nothing. We've all been there. Complete brain freeze. The only problem? You need, need, need to get this blog article out. You've already pushed it to…
in Marketing
See How Easily You can Be an Authority -Use this Tried and True Method
LinkedIn is widely known as the professional social network. So, it would make sense for people to assume that it is largely for B2B companies. While it is true that LinkedIn is one of the most beneficial social networks…
in Marketing
Is Praise the Only Way to Motivate?
I was raised by a very tough man. He never praised us for doing things well. That was expected of us. However, if we did something wrong, oh we heard about that ASAP! So I grew up and became an…
in Marketing
How Your Franchisees Can Use Radio Effectively for the Grand Opening
Sponsoring morning or afternoon traffic updates on local radio stations can be a great way to reinforce your grand opening message. If you have ever listened to radio on your way to or from work, you're already aware of…
in Operations
Why Just Selling Great Pizza will Make You Go Broke
When you start your own independent (non-franchised) business, your mistakes will be more costly than you imagined. In fact, your mistakes will probably put you out of business. I'm not writing this to scare you away from starting a…
in Operations

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