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4 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Google Business Listing
Claiming your local business listing, not only verifies you as the owner of a valid business, but also gives you the authority to ensure the listing is up-to-date and strengthen your business's SEO. Whether you have already started claiming…
in Marketing
9 Ways to Regain Your Brand's Competitive Advantage
These days it's extra challenging to satisfy and keep customers. It's even more important than ever because customer loyalty is generally considered the primary engine today to retain sales levels and gain an advantage over the competition. It's been…
in Operations
NLRB Finally"Explains" Anti-Franchise Animus
The National Labor Relations Board's General Counsel, Richard Griffin, recently spoke to a group of law students at West Virginia University's College of Law. During the discussion, which was recorded and is available here, Mr. Griffin offered the students…
in Legal
Are You Making this Mistake in Your Franchisee Recruitment Process?
Many franchisors have recruitment problems. What makes its worse is that franchisors are willing to believe any plausible story about how to select candidates. Here is one such fable: Look for common characteristics in your 10-20% top performing franchisees…
in Operations
Outsourcing Your PR in 2015? 4 Quick Tips
If you're entering 2015 with the decision to develop a public relations strategy, you may be stuck wondering who exactly you want in charge of execution. When it's time to outsource your public relations efforts, be sure to choose…
in Marketing
5 Tips on Protecting Yourself from Predatory Merchant Service Providers
It's no secret that small and medium sized business have been hit hardest by the predatory practices of merchant service providers. We have all heard horror stories about the "bait and switch" tactics from "great rates to free equipment",…
in Operations
Why Franchisee Conventions Fail
What are your franchisees saying about your convention after it's over? Are they filled with renewed energy? Are they excited by new information and new programs? Are they motivated to achieve greater results? Or...do they say it was irrelevant…
in My Association Resources
7 Awful Franchise Things You Will Hate About Being a New Franchisor
You decided to become a newly minted franchisor. And when that day finally arrived how exciting was that? You were going to conquer the world with your franchise brand. Here's what you did right. Started with a tested business…
in Operations
Wired Flare Inc. No. 3 on 2014 Fast Growing Companies List
Dec. 3, 2014 - HALIFAX, Canada -- Progress magazine ranked Wired Flare Inc. No. 3 on its list of 2014 Fast Growing Companies in Atlantic Canada. The list is now in its 15th year, and every year it is…
in Marketing
What's New in Modern Site Selection?
The biggest feature I hear from franchise owners about mapping is: something they can use quickly, get decisions fast and have it be on the cloud for collaboration with team members and ultimately to the franchisee. The main benefit…
in Operations
Is Your Big Franchise Brand Doomed?
My education and experience in crisis avoidance and - if that fails - crisis management began rather early in my now more than 50 year professional practice. The purpose of this article is to illustrate how the seeds of…
in Legal
The Cheatsheet for Franchising Marketing Online
In order to set your franchise system and your franchisees up for long-term online success, it's crucial to create a well-defined online marketing model that identifies how the Internet will be used in marketing and who is responsible for…
in Marketing
The 6 Benefits of a Bespoke Franchise Resolution Mechanism
The recent Supreme Court of Canada's discussion the value mediation and the protection of confidential information exchanged during mediation, reminded me of the excellent program several years ago at the ABA Forum. Mediators Peter Klarfeld, Michael K. Lewis, and…
in Legal
Buying a Franchise? Check the FDD for Effective Date of Registration
In order to offer or sell franchises in certain states with franchise disclosure laws, the franchisor must have effective registrations or notices in those states. A state law may cover the offer or sale of a franchise if the…
in Legal
You Can save Money Quickly with a New Bank Loan instead of Merchant Cash Advance
You need $50,000 for your business. You have several choices: merchant cash advance, lease or loan. How much does each option cost you? What would you want to pay for the use of $50,000? Here are the numbers: daily Advance…
in Operations
Blog Your Brand to Franchise Sales Success
It's pretty clear that franchise brand blogging is an effective way to communicate to probable franchise buyers. How do you begin? Start with a clear vision of why you are writing articles and for whom. You want your probable franchise…
in Operations
Who Else Wants to be a Great Franchise Leader? - Save the Date
Do you have all 7 Traits to do what it takes to be a great franchise leader? An expert in customer service and engaging the customer, Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor is back at IFA this year with a unique…
in Operations
How to Create Authority with Social Proof
Robert Cialdini is rightly praised for his work Influence: Science and Practice (5th Edition). Cialdini has trenchant obsersations how seemingly irrelevant features of our social landscape determine much of our choices. We are familiar with the parlor trick- 3…
in Marketing
What Makes Social Media Content Great
Frances Leary talks about what makes great social media content...it's really quite simple. Just put your audience first.…
in Marketing
The QSR Workers Strike is Spreading. How Have Your Prepared Your Franchise Operators?
I wrote this in 2013, and it seems appropriate to revisit the topic, today. Following on the heels of similar strikes in recent weeks in New York and Chicago, hundreds of St. Louis area fast food restaurant employees walked…
in Legal

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