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Why Darden is Worth More than its Real Estate
Summary - 3 Points Think beyond Darden's real estate to determine if long term value is present. Both the activists and Darden provided incomplete analysis. Restaurant level EBITDA is a poor metric; free cash flow metric is better. Watching…
in Operations
How Do You Treat Your Non-Operating Partners?
Everyone knows that it really pays off to explore if a franchise candidate is suited to your business. The question is: "Does it pay to spend as much time investigating the partners of a franchise candidate?" Married partners..... so-called…
in Operations
3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising
Facebook, Personality Testing, and Biz Ops Why are Brands paying more to reach their fans on Facebook? Worth the cost for franchise brands? Stop using personality tests to select your high performing franchise owners. Do it right. Get a Candidate…
in News
Why Your Autoresponder is Killing Your Chance at Making that Franchise Sale
Getting the franchise sale may seem like a race to be the First to Respond and First to Engage. It isn't. Franchise sellers need to get to web leads who are intrigued with their franchise as fast as possible, right?…
in Operations
Why Do We Like to Tell Stories?
There is a lot of nonsense written by smart people about story-telling. Most of the talk is just a story - not worth listening to. But, Roger Schank is very different. He is worth listening to. Roger Schank explains the…
in Marketing
Stop Writing Demand Letters & Start Managing Disagreements
The temptation is to think of this title as some word game without substance. If you give yourself a chance here you may see something very worthwhile and you may even want to put your company on this regimen rather…
in Legal
Is Your Franchisor Spending the Social Media Ad Fund Wisely?
Social media communication can actually be a great indicator as to how a franchise system supports its franchisees. Once you've narrowed down your potential franchise choices, take some time to look at their social media and consider the following things.…
in Marketing
What would You Say to a Client who Wants to Buy a Business Opportunity instead of a Franchise?
What is the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity? This is a question that is on the mind of pretty much every person who attends a franchise or business opportunity trade show looking for his or her new…
in Legal
Why You Don't Use Personality Tests When Selecting Franchisees
Let's try an experiment. Pick your 10 best franchisees. Describe their personalities. Are they all the same? Or are they all different? If you're like most franchisors, you'll say that they are all different. Now, look at your corporate culture.…
in Operations
How Many of Your Fans on FaceBook do You Really Reach?
6 months ago I met with the Head of Digital at a major movie studio. He was recounting a meeting with Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook in which he explained that they didn't need Facebook advertising. They had already built such…
in Marketing
What's New with Panera & Social Media?
Social media has been inching its way into other forms of advertising, including commercials. At first, it was "innovative" when companies would include their Facebook URL or Twitter handle on their commercials, but Panera is taking it to a new…
in Marketing
Take this Quick Audit of Your B2B Website
In the business-to-business world, your company's job is to fill a very specific need for your customers. Many B2B companies work with clients all over the country and even all over the world, so before they do business with you,…
in Marketing
3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising
Learning, Silent Killers, and More Scams Interesting discussion about how what search on a smartphone means for local marketing. Great discussion on whether to spend more on your hiring budget on managers or entry level employees. And, more people wanted…
in News
Why GM Didn't Recognize & Act Before Losing Almost $1Billion
Trouble hides in the weeds for a while before it actually strikes out and bites. There is little difference between finding out where and what it is and snake hunting. In the corporate world, the two most probable snake hunters…
in Legal
The Surprising Reason You Need Your Franchise Deal in Writing
From time to time we meet with business owners, franchisors, franchisees, and employees to discuss issues involving verbal agreements. Although enforceable, verbal agreements for the most part are worth the paper they are printed on. This is because many times…
in Legal
When Should You Give Your Franchise Prospect a New FDD?
If a "material change" occurs at any time after you furnish a prospect with the franchisor's FDD, the franchisor must update the FDD, and you must re-disclose the prospect with the updated FDD and re-observe all waiting periods. A "material…
in Legal
What Your Employees Aren't Telling You About Why They Quit
Is this the dirty little secret that's affecting your restaurant's turnover? Is your manager, the person you trust to run your business, causing you to lose valuable employees due to inappropriate relationships, favoritism, and decreased morale? Do your managers explain…
in Operations
Do You Know this Naughty Word?
When putting together a strategic marketing plan, many franchisors view aspects of their plan in silos. One silo consists of placing advertising in print, broadcast, and digital platforms. A second silo includes public relations initiatives. The third silo involves the…
in Operations
9 Easy Ways You Can Start to Get Better Customers
You know that customer loyalty is the best way to get more sales & beat your competition. There are hundreds, thousands of ways to gain loyal customers. But, here are 9 easy ways to get better and more loyal customers.…
in Operations
Why Local Search Is Made More Difficult By Google
Why is it that AdWords always gets the best data and reporting? I know the answer is because advertisers are Google's primary source of revenue, but still. The rest of us shouldn't be left in the dark when it comes…
in Marketing
Who Has the Worst Website, Ever?
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) recently released a 2014 Press Release revealing website customer satisfaction across 200 companies within 33 industries. Over 25,000 respondents provided insight on their satisfaction as it relates to the website experience for several companies.…
in Marketing
Aren't You Concerned about the New Workforce Regulations & FLSA Enforcement?
Two weeks ago, I wrote up an overview of How Important Franchising was to the US Economy, based on Steve Caldeira's presentation to CAFA. I have looked at the presentation further, to find out what the IFA was doing at…
in News
Maximize Proximity & Be a Successful Multi-Unit Operator
Congratulations because you have successfully opened 2 or 3 locations. You've got the operations down, lots of management kinks worked out, and a loyal customer following. You've been open 2 years, and you know what you are doing. And, you…
in Operations
The Top 3 Most Fascinating Stories in Franchising
Sharing, Legal Scams & Crisis This was a fun week. Last week's topics were still interesting, but they flipped in order. Sharing trumped crisis management & people wanted to read about attorneys who got scammed. 1st Story (2nd Week) 2359+…
in News
Who Are You Forgetting to Thank?
Everyone's busy, stressed out and short of time. Are we forgetting some people? We usually remember to thank our customers. And we probably don't have any trouble thanking family. However, there is a group of folks that are often left…
in Operations
Reach More People You Could Help
I just had a terrific question posed to me. Had to dash off this quick reply. You have to know the background. A professional colleague had asked for some advice on her website. Made some suggestions. She made the changes.…
in Marketing
It's Easier to Ask Forgiveness than It is to Get Permission
Changing things for the better requires an element of risk. After a large reorganization of a major QSR franchisor I worked for, I ended up with greater responsibility and not enough resources. We had a set way of doing things…
in Operations
What's New in Franchising - Concierge Medical Practices
The impact of the Affordable Care Act - OBAMACARE - upon doctors is to reduce their compensation per activity. If you are a doctor you now work harder to keep up. This reduces your human resources available for improvement, research,…
in News
The 2 New Ways Using Social Media Helps Your Brand Communicate
Among many other things it can do, social media is a powerful tool for brand communication and marketing. One would think this might go without saying, but many businesses still aren't quite sure how it fits into their traditional marketing…
in Marketing
Avoid 7 Common Mistakes with Your Training Videos
The Massive Open Online Courses can teach you some important things about your own training videos for your franchisees. While, I've seen many outstanding videos offered on the MOOCs there are still a distressingly high percentage of them that do…
in Marketing

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Recent Comments

Franchisors should know their franchise prospects before selling to them.

Many transactions have multiple partners who have different roles and those roles can change quickly.

Often an operating partner doesn't work out and now you have a financial partner who takes over.

John is right that selling the real estate for a one time gain does nothing to improve operating results.

I like that stories have to have details but be fun and memorable.

And we all do it. Some do it better than others.

The territory part of the negotiations is tough for even seasoned franchisees.

Multiple unit area development requires a bit more professional help and research before you agree to a territory.

  • user-pic Daniel Rothfeld | Reply
  • I concur with the approach presented. That said, moving forward and as alternative fee structures begin to take hold more and more within the legal profession, the traditional incentive that law firms had to drag out transactions and litigation, will be replaced with financial incentives which reward law firms for concluding transactions and litigation expediently and productively for the client. You can look overseas to see how this is now firmly entrenched.