How to Use the Best Franchise Owner Testimonials For Your Franchise Sales

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Validation can take up an enormous amount of time when recruiting new franchisees.

Most all prospects want to hear from existing franchisees about their experiences and get answers to their burning questions. If you let prospects call on a list of your key owners over and over, those franchisees would never get their work done!

There is a simple way to speed up the validation process - use a validation video. The key benefit of using a validation video is reducing the validation process from days (or weeks) to one step that can be completed in a single day or even less.

A validation video is the story of your Franchise as told by some of your current franchisees.

Choose some of your best, most experienced and diverse owners and film them addressing the same issues and talking points. When edited into a final video, you will have a totally credible presentation of your franchise from the owner's point of view

Be sure to have each of the selected franchisees address the same issues.

When a prospect can hear several owners answer the same question in their own words, there is no doubt about the authenticity and honesty of their comments - it is totally convincing. Plus, you still retain control over the message. You don't want to put words in their mouths, but you do want to avoid inaccuracies or misleading the potential buyer.

Franchisee Conventions are the perfect time to film validations as they are together in one space and a filming room or location can be dedicated to process.

Conventions are ideal because the owners are usually in a very positive frame of mind and you can select the best in your chain - especially if they are receiving recognition awards at the event. Another advantage of filming videos at the convention is the option of using the beautiful venue or resort as a backdrop for filming - after all, going to a great resort for a convention can be a powerful component to sway a prospect's decision.

Another option is using Skype to film and assemble the interviews. Using top notch digital cameras and quality microphones, Skype interviews can achieve excellent picture and sound quality that approaches live filming.

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Aranco Productions has been producing highly effective validation videos for many years and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you produce your own validation video. It just might become the most effective tool in your sales kit.

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