Beliefs Have A Hard Impact on Your Profits

Many business people and trainers will tell you that "belief systems" and how they can translate best to create profitability in your business are "soft skills." As contrasted with so-called "hard skills" such as strategic planning, financial analysis, or product development, soft skills are considered by many to be the quality of one's interpersonal abilities and leadership talent. Yet soft skills, or lack thereof, directly impact the bottom line, in some cases even more so that hard skills, because often you're not even aware how they are impacting your behavior and, therefore, the profitability of your business.
In the context of belief systems, we all carry around beliefs about customer service, money, sales, team building and similar issues that translate measurably to our profit. Does your belief that sales people are untrustworthy keep you from being the best sales person possible for your product or service? Does a scarcity belief system about money keep you from creating a big enough vision for your enterprise? Going deep to figure out what your beliefs are is the first step toward changing them. If you want to know what your belief system is in any particular area of business such as customer service, business planning, or team relationships, look at your behavior, your actions, and the reasons for them. Once you understand your beliefs, changing them is possible. What beliefs do you have that you manifest in ways you'd like to change?

Marcy Cowan
TriOdyssey GPS
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