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More than 550 association and nonprofit professionals from across the country have added their names to ASAE's sign-on letter calling for repeal of new Form 1099 reporting requirements that would prove burdensome for associations and other small businesses. ASAE will deliver the letter to Capitol Hill offices today.

Not a single franchise trade association signed this letter.  Why is this?

How can the franchise trade associations state to their members that the association is concerned with the regulatory burden of having to file a ton more of form 1099's, but not be able to recognize, join with, and help their allies in other non profit associations?

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How to Sell Your Business

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Interesting piece from the New York Times on selling your franchise or business.

"For many sellers, all they know is their business," said Jack Garson, author of "How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions." "These sellers have spent many years, sometimes decades, building their business. While it may not be a big part of their conscious thinking, they fear they will be utterly lost and worthless without their business."

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