Restaurant Funding Group


Restaurant Funding Group is a highly specialized consulting firm that matches talent and capital for a select group of franchise systems.

Successful multi-unit franchisees need capital to develop new franchise locations.

We have developed a proprietary database of pre-screened investors looking to invest in successful food franchises.

Our investor clients have hired us to help them identify qualified multi-unit operators with a proven track record of franchise development who are seeking outside, minority stake investors to help fund new location buildouts.

Whether you are looking to add one unit or ten units, Restaurant Funding Group can help you identify highly motivated investors who can help you build your multi-unit group.

Restaurant Funding Group ‘s consultants have 30+ years experience in helping franchisees expand their operations through multi-unit development.

We’re dedicated to helping multi-unit franchisees meet their goals of expanding the number of units they operate. Our consultants can help you reach your objectives through our innovative program. 

Applicants to the program first start using Restaurant Funding Group's matching process, as either a Multi-Unit Ower or as prospective investor.  The applications are online and begin at $500.00 per application.

How do I know this application will work for me?  Continue to the Restaurant Fund Group's website for more information.

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