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The growing casual dining franchise industry is a 400 billion dollar per year industry that includes fast food outlets, fast casual and casual restaurants. Despite the recent downturn in the economy , or as a result of it, the casual dining franchise industry continues to grow as franchisees develop new locations to meet the needs of cost conscious consumers.

While experienced multi-unit franchisees with proven track records continue to add units, they are often limited by the lack of capital needed to build out new locations. 

Traditional bank loans have dried up over the past six years as financial institutions shy away from riskier loan market segments. Franchisors have limited abilities to assist even successful multi-unit franchisees with proven track records of profitability. SBA loans, though available, require a significant investment in time to provide all of the documents required by the government backed program.

For successful multi-unit franchisees with profitable track records, strong management experience and a desire to grow, Restaurant Funding Group has developed a unique solution that meets the needs of successful franchisees.

Restaurant Funding Group works with successful multi-unit franchisees who require capital in order to develop new franchise locations. We help meet the needs of financially successful multi-unit franchisees with solid track records who want to continue adding new units.

Restaurant Funding Group is very familiar with the funding requirements of multi-unit franchisees and can help design a funding program that meets the franchisee's financial needs. Our consultants have worked with a wide range of franchisees and know the ins and outs of the franchise business. They can help put in place investor financed funding for one new unit or multiple new units.

Restaurant Funding Group is the financial resource that multi-unit franchisees need in order realize their expansion plans.

We manage a proprietary database of pre-screened investors who want to invest in successful food franchises. 

We invite you to put Restaurant Funding Group's experience to work today and let us help you grow your multi-unit franchise business 

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