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Program Insurance Group’s Certificate Tracking Solution (CTS) is one of the premier products that we present to our preferred clients and Franchisors.

We understand that your Franchise and other select Franchisors are more than just a “business-in-a-box”, so Program Insurance Group has invested a significant amount of time in developing and maintaining this product.

Our deep commitment and support of the entrepreneurial spirit led us to develop this exclusive Certificate Tracking Solution.

The essential elements of our product are highlighted below:

Highlights of our CTS

Our CTS is a “value-added” program focused on bringing your growing number of Franchisees into compliance with the insurance requirements specified in the FDD and franchise contract.

Our service is not a policing network; however, our CTS trained staff notifies Corporate if and when a Franchise is out of compliance with the explicit insurance requirements of the FDD.

Our Certificate Tracking Solution focuses on:

  • Reviewing current insurance requirements of the FDD to make sure that
  • Franchisees and Franchisors are not exposed to excessive risk from EPLI,
  • Workers Compensation Claims and General Liability Exposures
  • Requesting certificates from individual Franchisees
  • Processing and organizing Certificates of Insurance
  • Verifying that Certificates comply with insurance requirements and requesting
  • revisions as needed
  • Timely reporting of Franchisees that are out of compliance
  • Providing back-of-the house support and insurance education to your staff and
  • individual Franchisees.

Call (979) 485-9990 today to schedule a meeting with one of Program Insurance Group’s trained implementers of the CTS to find out if your Franchise qualifies.

Program Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency with locations in Bryan, Texas and Georgetown, Texas, is committed to the needs of growing Franchisors and has developed programs and systems to partner with growth-oriented Franchisors, reducing insurance liability generated by Franchisees.

Program Insurance Group’s Certificate Tracking Solution

Phone (979) 485-9990

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