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I was a floor manager at one of the busier Changs in the early 2000’s when it was not uncommon for us to be on a 1:45-minute wait on a Monday night. I remember it as a very chaotic job that could go from 0 to 60 to 30 to 90 to 120 back to 0 in a single shift.

I remember scrambling to work on projects and deal with putting out fires in that two-hour window between lunch and dinner. Then getting back into the driver seat again for the dinner rush.

I have also managed at slower restaurants, and I found myself fighting boredom and apathy. Trying to stay motivated and keep my team motivated to give great service.

It is the nature of this industry that we have customers in our building for large portions of our day. There is a ton of moving pieces that need to be dealt with every single shift. It is easy to get caught up in fire fighting and then stumble into your next shift without having the opportunity to focus yourself and your team on what is important.

Two tools that I have seen implemented with a lot of success are SMART pre-shift Inspections that manager’s conduct before each meal period and pre-shift meetings with each department.

SMART Pre-shift inspections get your managers walking around your restaurant looking at your critical safety and operational readiness items ensuring that you are ready to handle the rush. Performing this inspection reminds managers what is important and helps them catch things that they might have missed if they hadn’t done the inspection.

Pre-shift meetings with service and kitchen teams give us an opportunity to communicate shift info to the team and get them focused on serving guests.

That's we we created OpsAnalitca.

How it Works

1. Copy and paste the inspections and checklists that you are using today into our simple excel template.

Upload the inspections/checklists into the app with a couple of clicks and you are ready to go.

It’s that simple! Create and upload as many inspections and checklists you need to run better operations.

2. Have your managers login and start inspecting. You'll drive consistency by knowing that all locations are using the latest inspections and checklists. Perform as many inspections as your business dictates.

3. See which locations have completed their inspections through the location and rollup reporting portal.

Enterprise clients can merge other data and start slicing and dicing to draw correlations and make data driven business decisions through our Data Insights Warehouse.

If you would like our Free ebook: Smart Inspections Drive Big Data, Which Drives Profit for Multi-Location Restaurants, just click and sign up.

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