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  • Built specifically for multi-unit organizations
  • Integrated SEO, eMarketing & analytics
  • Powerful eCommerce capabilities
  • Optimized for smart phones and tablets
  • Corporate maintains brand control
  • Corporate can distribute unified content

Jeremy LaDuque, CFE.jpgBuilt specifically to support the needs of multi-unit organizations and franchises, Bridgeline's cloud-based platform allows you:

a) to execute local marketing plans,

b) while following SEO best practices,

c) to drive eCommerce initiatives, and measure your results with actionable analytics.

Control your network's content, personalize your brand, and manage every facet of your multi-unit website(s) with a solution that will help you attract more customers and grow your business.

No matter how large your multi-unit organization is — whether it's 500 or 5,000 outlets — iAPPS ds centralizes your virtual world.

Content publishing on each of your distributed websites is managed through work flow approval, giving corporate marketing control of the message.

iAPPS ds also features customizable options which allow syndicates to easily infuse a local appeal in order to cater to specific communities, all while preserving the corporate brand.

1. Centralize, Customize, and Control.

Control your content — add pages, upload and publish images, and edit other content on each of your distributed websites all within a single administration area.

Customize individual websites to feature specialized content for local markets.

Manage every facet of your virtual world with a simple interface that was built to put your marketing department back in control of your online content.

2. Simple User Interface - Anyone can do it.

iAPPS ds was designed with one overarching goal: ease-of-use. The result is easy distribution of the most advanced marketing tools for all of your locations.

With iAPPS ds, your local website can be managed by anyone in that office - while Corporate marketing maintains brand messaging and consistency.

This structure drives organic search traffic by converting a single corporate site into many independent but connected sites.

3. Responsive Design - Looks Great on any Device

Maintain both your corporate brand and your network's local flavor consistently on tablets, e-book readers, smartphones, laptops or desktops.

iAPPS ds is built to optimize your sites with Responsive Design - for web experiences that are fluid, flexible, engaging and effective.

4. Easy for a Anyone to Write or Author a Post.

iAPPS ds features a smooth WYSIWYG interface that lets users create, edit and post content on the fly, anytime, right on the page.

In fact, editing and posting content through iAPPS is so easy that posting coupons or special promotions to customers will become second nature.

5. Built in SEO - Automatic

SEO best practices were built into iAPPS ds in order to optimize ranking and drive organic traffic.

Automatic updates are provided to search engines so they can easily navigate and index each of the local sites.

In addition, iAPPS ds provides for default URL naming that is geographically friendly and drives local rank all while allowing the local user to adjust key SEO parameters, if desired, through an easy to use interface.

6. Customizable

iAPPS ds makes it possible for your partner sites to get started with a template of the company’s personality, brand and message intact, completely customized to fit your image.

Since iAPPS ds is optimized for global business, built-in tools allow you to localize - easily - for your neighborhood, language, or country.

7. Google Map Integration - Get Found Easier

Location is the lifeblood of your local presence. iAPPS ds is integrated fully with Google maps, making it simple for you to show everyone how to get to the store.

8. Embedded Video

Video allows you to give potential customers insight into your business’s personality, in living, moving color.

iAPPS fully supports embedding video across all templates and the interface to add videos is extremely easy to use, which lets you take advantage of this thriving medium in online advertising.

9. Web Form Creation

iAPPS ds comes equipped with a simple, drag-and-drop web form creation tool that enables you to collect valuable information from your visitors.

10. Team Support

iAPPS ds is extremely easy to use. However, should you have questions, we have a solid technical support team in place and ready to help.

You’ll be able to take advantage of resources right after you sign up with the program. You can count on Bridgeline’s constant and committed support for iAPPS ds day and night.

Here is our free checklist: The Top 6 Most Effective Methods of Online Marketing for Multi-unit Organizations to help you implement your own franchise's online marketing.

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