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“No company stays in business for long if a large chunk of its sales force consistently feels ignored and unrewarded” says Dave Kurlan of the Objective Management Group, a sales management consulting firm. Each sales force is a mixture of high-powered producers, average performers and a few laggards who perpetually bring up the rear. Every sales manager dreams of a sales force of stars, but rarely do the high producers make up more than 20% of even the best sales force. A sales incentive program cannot afford to ignore the middle to low producers who make up approximately 80% of the sales force. This group can post dramatic gains when properly motivated. In fact, an incentive program geared to the top producers can actually demotivate the middle level. Many experts say your incentive program should target the middle producers.


  • A well-crafted motivation program keeps incentive rewards within reach. Don’t spotlight rewards that are simply beyond the reach of the 80%. A $50 gift certificate will look pretty pale when compared to a new BMW.
  • Plan for regular communications, the value of an incentive program lies in its ability to focus attention and effort on reaching quota. This means constant communications to keep the rewards top of mind.
  •  Remember to have fun. The members of your sales force face the grim reality of a competitive market place. They should rejoice in the joy of meeting a challenging goal.


If we can help you develop a program that motivates your staff in the right way, please be in touch.


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