Tools and Resources for Your Association

The focus in this section is to provide a place to discuss topics of interest to executive directors, presidents, and other leaders of independent franchisee associations.

An independent franchisee association needs certain resources in order to carry out is core functions of the creation of Member Benefits, Advocacy, Communication, and Education or Training.

Resources like email newsletters, websites, social media, and trade show conventions are some typical tools needed.

Each one of these tools comes with its own set of pluses and hurdles. A newsletter might not be read, the website might not attract on the discontented, social media tools are a mess, and trade shows may be on the wane.

In this section, the focus is on how the independent franchisee association obtain, retains and maintains its relationship with franchisee operators.

There are also two important resources, blogs, from the American Society of Association Executives and the Society for Human Resource Management, the latter requires a paid subscription, which appear on the right hand page.

We also have two other sections which are focussed on Franchise Relations and Suppliers for Your Operators.

There is also, what we consider to be the most important internet based sales development, a section on Permission Based Marketing. Seth Godin described this ten years ago as a method of internet marketing, which he contrasted with interruption marketing. The franchisor brands have largely been based on the success of interruption marketing, and as the internet matures it is likely that permission marketing will dominate this channel of attention.

Finally, we have a list of independent franchisee associations, which range in size and scope from small, new, litigation focused groups to well established associations operating significant businesses. We encourage you to help us update this list. Thanks.

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