Seminar on China: Managing Conflict

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Everyone has heard that personal connections are the key to successful negotiation in China, but what happens when your relationship goes off the rails?  Resolving conflict across cultures is tough, but not impossible.  The key is to manage your relationship so that mutual trust survives the first conflict.  It's easier said than done - but certainly not impossible.

On Thursday, October 27, 2011,  9:00 am, Andrew Hupert is giving a seminar on Managing Conflict in China.

Andrew Hupert is founder and CEO of Best Practices China Ltd., based in Shanghai. Since 2003 he has been advising and coaching executives and managers in multinationals to improve their deal-making and negotiating skills with Chinese counter-parties. His corporate clients include Philips, Schneider/Clipsal and Keuhne + Nagel. He is an Adjunct Professor at New York University (Shanghai campus) and has also lectured at Strathclyde University's EMBA program.

Andrew first came to Asia in 1990 after receiving his MBA in International Finance from New York University Stern School of Management. He gained extensive senior sales and management experience with leading financial institutions in Taipei, Hong Kong, Kyoto and New York before settling in Shanghai as a consultant and lecturer.

He has also published articles in business journals such as Shanghai Business Review and the China Economic Review, for which he writes a column on China-business strategy and negotiation. Companies around the world follow his discussions about negotiation tactics in China at

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