How Does Your Brand Score on this Quick Social Media Test?

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As a franchisor, of course you want to have a brand that is well-recognized and well-respected in the marketplace. Sometimes, however, things are going on behind the scenes that you may not even know about...and they may be causing your online brand damage.

Answer these 10 questions to determine whether your franchise brand is in good shape online or if your franchise needs some help to get its online brand management on track.


For each "no", deduct 10%.

If you got 70% or less, your brand needs help. Connect with me and let's talk about how Wired Flare can help.

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Frances come on a 70% grade!

My gut is most franchise systems will not meet that minimum score.

Thanks for the comment, Joe. It made me smile. I'm tough when I give marks. :)

Seriously, though...I stand by my point. No brand can afford 30% of its online presence to be absent. Of course, depending on what parts of missing, the damage done could range from slight to catastrophic.

For some it may be easier to ignore what needs to be done for their brand's online presence.

Some franchisors are missing online opportunities to build their brand, to know their own brand and to protect their brand.

The protect the brand mantra is a very popular franchising maxim. Well franchisors have an opportunity to do just that.

And if they have a less-than 70 grade on the test then they have some catching up to do.

It's never too late.

The most important thing is that franchisors make sure they don't keep their heads buried in the sand.

The Internet isn't going away, and with 91% of consumers making purchases after being influenced by online experiences, it's crucial that franchises be there (in a consistent way) where their audiences are looking.

You might have a social media policy.

But you need to see how well you are doing so take this quick test and find out.

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