3 Surprisingly Simple & Easy Things Savvy Marketers Do Daily to Develop Business on LinkedIn

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One- They keep in touch.

Linkedin Notifies them  daily on updates of their 1st connections. 

Here's what Linkedin tells them.

    • Who has a birthday today.
    • Who has a New Job
    • Who has been mentioned in the news.
    • Who has a work anniversary

Savvy Marketers  simply use LinkedIn messages with their own custom message scripts to let their connections know they are thinking of them. 

It takes them less than 10 minutes to send these messages. If you do it the way our marketing partners do it.

Two -  Savvy Marketers are LinkedIn Premium members. 

But they don't overpay for it.

You see we tell our Franchise Info LinkedIn Marketers to sign up for the secret LinkedIn Personal Plus Premium Membership at $7.95 a month.


They get the LinkedIn Premium Badge on their profile.

With the Personal Plus they get to see everyone who has checked out their profile.

And once or twice a week they look at who fits their criteria for an Invitation to Connect. 

Growing their 1st Connection with people they can do business with.

Now you can do these 2 things yourself to market like our Franchise Info pros do.

Three - Savvy Marketers  marketers use our LinkedIn programs. 

You can too.

Here's Franchise Info's entry level program everyone starts with

90 Day LinkedIn Content Marketing & PR Program

You can sign up and make your LinkedIn marketing really work.

If you have a question on Numbers One, Two or Three shoot me a LinkedIn message or email [email protected]

And if you need More information on Sponsored Updates for LinkedIn, Click Here.

Our Franchise Commmunity on LinkedIn

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