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Attention is the basis of the new economy, not scarcity.

How do you obtain and retain your customers with attention, when they don't have a lot of time for your pitch?

Aweber, a email vendor, has a neat list of strategies for email marketing they used for a winery.  But strategies can be used by any franchisee.

"As a winery, email marketing lets you reach your regular visitors, area restaurants and retailers and even consumers separated by distributors. 

And it's worth noting that millenials, the newest generation of wine drinkers, prefer their wine promotions online."

Here are a couple of their ideas, modified for franchisees: 

1. Have a contest. Announce it on your website for a few months. Require an email subscription and send the entry form as an autoresponder. (Broadcast the form to your existing list so they can participate, too.) 

2. If you are a QSR franchise, rent a booth at a state fair or farm show. Offer tastings - for free or for a fee - and ask those who participate to sign up for your emails. 

3. Web-savvy food consumers are found at many social networking sites. Create a profile, connect with users in your area and clearly display a link to your sign-up form on your profile. 

4. If you sell gift baskets, add a card inviting the recipient to join your club by subscribing to its emails. Direct them to a web form specific to club members.

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