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Picture a joyful kitchen, full of inspired children creating culinary masterpieces and filling the air with laughter and learning...

Welcome to Young Chefs Academy, the only franchise that will enable your children to transfer their learning and transform the most popular room in everyone's home into something quite extraordinary!

Why is a Cooking School the right choice for Today?

Cooking is one of the hottest past times today with new cooking programs coming online and on television every week.

How this Gahanna, OH Young Chefs Academy Franchise Owner enjoys her successful family business…

Jill Jacobs with McDonalds Corporate Chef Dan

Jill Jacobs (franchise owner) with McDonalds Corporate

Chef Dan

YCA: Why a cooking school for kids?

Jill: My fondest childhood memories are from my grandmother's kitchen. It was the heart of our home and the place we gathered for everything. In that kitchen, we listened to Frank Sinatra as the whole extended family prepared dinners, played games at the kitchen table as adults cooked, and we laughed, cried and had spirited family discussions. Years later, I realized that food brought us together and that while we were cooking meals we were creating memories. I couldn't resist the opportunity to get paid for creating more memories and the opportunity to share that with children in my community.

Cooking has always interested every age group but now more than ever, cooking has become one of the most popular extra-curricular activities for children.

Parents recognize the value of teaching their children to cook and are actively seeking out programs that enrich their children's life now and for their future.

Why is Young Chefs Academy the right Franchise?

Children, parents, schools, teachers and health care providers are recognizing what the Young Chefs Academy's brand is doing to improve the lives of children and their communities across the country.

How these Forest Hills, NY Young Chefs Academy Franchise Owners Enjoy Their successful family business…

Jill Jacobs with McDonalds Corporate Chef Dan

The Chew Cast

YCA: You were fabulous on ABC's "The Chew" celebrating Julia Child's 100th birthday! What was it like?

Karen: The Chew was an incredible experience. Everyone on the show was gracious and welcoming. When I say they did their homework, I really mean it, the process took months. I kept finding these crazy coincidences between myself and Julia. Let's not forget that she was the ultimate cooking teacher and I could only aspire to be as good as her. It is without question that she worked her magic in heaven to get me on that show. The icing on the cake was the day of the taping, when I found out she used that very same studio for her show and I got to stand in the same spot she did. It was such a gift to celebrate her 100 birthday in such an honorable way!

Not only does Young Chefs Academy promote cooperation and camaraderie among its fellow students, it helps build solid relationships within the family unit.

One student, Josh made it onto season 2 of FOX's MasterChef Junior. He has been attending cooking classes at Young Chefs Academy since 2009. He is now bringing his culinary expertise toYCA as an instructor as well!

Josh Chris Karen

Josh, Karen, and Chris

YCA: Did you know Josh was a serious chef from his first class?

Karen: Yes, I knew he was special from day one. He had a very advanced pallet. It’s not often you meet a 7 year old with such willingness to try new foods. Josh is also a perfect student, he’s very respectful and I knew he really wanted to be in class. Any time we had a special event or media inquiry, we would call on Josh.

How did Josh's parents hear about YCA?

Karen: Serena Josh's mom noticed he had an interest and found us. It was love at first site for us. YCA: How often has Josh been coming to your

is he currently attending classes?

Karen: Josh has been taking weekly classes with us since 2009. During the taping of the show he did not attend classes because he was in California. After the show he decided he would like to help out in a instructor capacity.

Gordon Ramsey is a tough act for us to follow and Josh has so much to share with our students.

Young Chefs Academy has….

  • Experienced management, culinary arts and curriculum teams
  • A successful franchise system
  • A proven business model
  • Strong food industry partnerships
  • Strong trademarks and brand recognition
  • Freedom from major supply contracts
  • A centralized, skilled and knowledgeable support team
  • Exclusive territories
  • Excellent initial training and continual education and ongoing programs
  • Marketing support and advertising materials
  • Ongoing business and franchise support

Many of our best retail franchise opportunities are now available and we are seeking qualified individuals to become part of our growing, dynamic cooking team.

If you’re prepared to revolutionize your personal life and create financial freedom, Young Chefs Academy is ready for you.

Contact me on LinkedIn and let's get moving on this.

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