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Dr. John P. Hayes.jpgFinancial assistance for franchisees 9 to 5 working hours five days a week

A van instead of an office ...

No special education required And a guarantee...

Can only be described as amazing!

And that’s Dental Fix Rx, the only on-site dental equipment repair franchise in North America.

I also like the fact that franchisees are up and running within 45 days, and 25 percent of the franchise network consists of veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

If you become a franchisee, follow the franchisor’s systems for success but you do not sign 40 customers in your first year, Dental Fix Rx will refund your franchise fee. That’s not just amazing, it’s a sign of a confident franchisor.

With an aging North American population, there’s a growing need for dentists and dental technicians, and they can’t work without their equipment. Consequently, dental equipment repair is a $38 billion industry, and expanding.

This is a franchise opportunity that’s smack dab in the midst of a booming industry, and that’s one of the signposts for success for franchisees.

And currently, Dental Fix Rx is the only on-site dental equipment repair franchise in the U.S. and Canada.

Franchisees attend training at the headquarters, learn to repair and maintain dental equipment, train in a recreated dental office and work with existing franchisees on the job.

If you are a "smart, entrepreneurial-minded person who wants the opportunity to be the captain of your own ship, to have the ability to run a business, be an entrepre-neur, but still have time for a family and a personal life, click here more information.

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