6 Top Stories & Most Influential People - Friday 8th - Week In Review

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The Week end November 1st in Review.  

The Top 6 Stories in Franchising &

The Most Influential People this Week in Franchising.

-As Measured by  LinkedIn

-Stories Produced by Franchise Info.  


The Top 3 Franchising Stories, as Influenced by Franchise Info's Joe Caruso  22,000+ Readers [Nov 2 -8]



1st Place With 1636 Readers 

Nancy Friedmans's Six Pretty Easy Tips to be a Better Listener. Which One Will You Use?


2nd Place With 1181 Readers (2nd Week in Top 3)

Dean Haller's FLSA Continues Challenge Franchise Owners.


3rd Place With 1068 Readers

Fred Berni's  Why Some People Almost Always Hire the Right Person


The Top 3 Franchising Stories, as Influenced by Franchise Info's Michael Webster 8k+Readers [Nov 2 -8]



1st Place With 1296 Readers (2nd Week in Top 3)

Timonthy Lorang's  What is New in Mobile Marketing for this Year's Holidays?


2nd Place With 1,180 Readers

Kathy Dorang's Is Your Boss Tricking You To Work Overtime?



3rd Place With 762 Readers

Kathy Dorang's  Do You Know What (2) Technology Advancements Are Changing Mystery Shopping?


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