9 Top Stories & Most Influential People - Friday 4th - Week In Review

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The Week of October 4th in Review.  

The Top 9 Stories in Franchising &

The Most Influential People this Week in Franchising.

-As Measured by  LinkedIn and Google  

-Stories Produced by Franchise Info.  


The Top 3 Franchising Stories, as Influenced by Joe Caruso - 13,000+ Readers, since September 28th, 2013.


1st Article - 877 Readers.

Rhonda Sanderson's Do You Have a Good Public Relations Program? Or are You Just Good on Social Media?


2nd Article - With 823 Readers 

Dustin DeTorres' Is Google Making Your Franchise Marketing Harder? And What You Need to Do About It.


3rd Article - With 790 Readers

Kathy Doering's Four Familiar Social Media Monitoring Problems - Which One Do You Want to Solve?



The Top 3 Franchising Stories, as Influenced by Michael Webster - 5480+ Readers, since September 26th, 2013.


1st Article - With 528 Readers.

Kathy Doering's  3 Easy Tips To Make The Most Of Your Customer Feedback 


2nd Article - With 512 Readers 

Warren Lewis' If You Don't Plan Your Franchise Sales Compliance, You Will Hate Yourself Later



3rd Article - With 489 Readers

Richard Solomon's Why Your Franchisor Is Not Competent.


4 Most Influential Articles from September 5th to October 4th, According to Google.


1st Article, with 50 Readers and 17:30 Minutes for each Reader.

Lynne Shelton's The (2) Different Ways to Use Master Franchising to Grow Your Franchise Brand Internationally


2nd Article, with 45 Readers and 18:19 Minutes for Each Reader.

Timonthy Lorang's 5 Tips on Creating Websites for Smartphones


3rd Article, with 13 Reader and 18:10 Minutes for Each Reader.

Mark Vang's How Much Do You Know about How LinkedIn Protects Your Privacy?


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Congratulations to all our Franchise-Info authors.

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